When you go out to eat, it can be challenging to please everyone, and choosing from all the fantastic buffet restaurants in Dubai can also be challenging! So, are you trying to find Dubai’s best buffet restaurants? Discovering Dubai’s top brunches is a worthwhile vacation activity.

This is the only list of the best priced quality buffet restaurants in Dubai you can get for your whole family!

Al Daawar Buffet Restaurant

Al dawaar restaurant
Website: Hyattrestaurants

Al Daawar Revolving Restaurant is a fine-dining venue with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet situated in the Hyatt Regency in Dubai. A wide range of Arabian, European, international, and Middle Eastern cuisines are available at the restaurant. They also have the nicest miscellany in their salad and dessert sections. 

The rotating feature of this restaurant is cool in and of itself because it allows you to eat wonderful meals while taking in a 360-degree view of Dubai’s skyline. This restaurant’s décor is stunning, with its white shutters and French windows, vibrant green velvet, rattan furniture, and wooden floors. 

The average cost of the place (for two people) is AED 220 to AED 460. Specifically, a buffet dinner in Dubai costs approximately AED 235, without including drinks, while a lunch costs AED 165.

Amaseena Buffet Restaurant

amaseena entrance
Website: Amaseena dubai

Amaseena comes in second on the list of Dubai’s best-value, high-quality buffet restaurants. Here, you may take in the surroundings, which include a starry sky and tents with Bedouin influences. Amaseena, housed in a Ritz Carlton, serves delectable meals, including lamb shawarma, barbecued meat, and seafood. It offers vegan options in addition to its specialty of Middle Eastern, Arabic, barbecue, and Lebanese food. It is also considered one of the best restaurants in Marina.

At Amaseena, the sounds of live Arabic music evoke a sense of nostalgia in the desert. It also has the best buffet in Dubai 2024.

Dinner is served beneath tents decorated in the Bedouin style, lit by candles, and featuring belly dancers and traditional musicians. It is also among the greatest buffet restaurants serving Pakistani food in Dubai. This restaurant takes it up a notch with its opulent dining area, which resembles a tent.

The Talk Buffet Restaurant

the talk restaurant
website: movenpick

One of Dubai’s most reasonably priced buffet locations is The Talk. This excellent buffet restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, family-friendly eating, private dining, and buffet dining in an outdoor setting with fantastic live music. It also has a lovely dining ambiance with a view of the beach. 

It’s a terrific spot to take a big group because plenty of seats are available. Breakfast is served from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., lunch buffet in Dubai is served from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., and dinner is served from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. from Saturday to Friday. 

One drawback is that during peak hours, you may have to wait for a table since it may get quite crowded.

Kaleidoscope Buffet Restaurant

Kaleidoscope restaurant
Zomato: Kaleidoscope restaurant

With live cooking and everything, this is yet another fantastic buffet restaurant. It’s obvious that this is a well-liked place for a satisfying supper because it has over 1500 positive Tripadvisor ratings. 

They provide everything from pasta and pizza to Indian and Arabic cuisine. The most famous feature of this restaurant is its scrumptious and extensive buffet, which includes a variety of regional dishes like prawns, laksa, pasta, sushi, roast beef, dumplings, and churros. 

The restaurant is ranked 330th out of 8300 restaurants in Dubai, which is a decent ranking. This implies that you’ll eat a satisfying supper without going over budget. There will also be gluten-free, halal, and vegan options available.

Saffron Buffet Restaurant

Saffron restaurant
zomato: saffron restaurant

This is yet another Dubai restaurant offering an endless seafood buffet. This restaurant is well-liked for its amazing seafood spread and cordial, family-friendly atmosphere. The dessert selection is extensive, and there are occasionally buffet experiences with a theme. Peking duck, chocolate fountain, sushi, seafood, and salmon sashimi are some of the best delicacies. 

With more than 200 items available, this is one of the few buffet establishments that offers live cooking. The restaurant features stunning interior design and an outside terrace, all centered on a modern Arabesque setting. 

Additionally, the fully automated kitchen garden provides fresh, organic herbs for diners. You are invited to visit here with your family; they will make you feel at home.

Yalumba Buffet Restaurant

yalumba restaurantYalumba
website: Yelumba restaurant

Yalumba’s seafood night is something you should try! This restaurant is among the greatest locations in Dubai for seafood eating because of its extensive menu.

Yulumba, situated in La Meridien, is known for its European, American, seafood, and Asian dishes. The most well-liked dishes here are sushi, sashimi, and fish buffets. This area is frequently referred to as a seafood lover’s delight.

The desserts at Yalumba are varied, which is always a benefit. This restaurant’s sophisticated yet contemporary design will win you over. The personnel is highly attentive, and the customer service is superb.

Spice Island Buffet Restaurant

splice Island
Zomato: spice island

Experience more than 200 international dishes at Dubai’s The Spice Island buffet restaurant. Located in the city’s center, this award-winning restaurant is ideal for foodies who enjoy trying different cuisines.

Try the hot shrimp soup, lemonade, and handmade nachos. They have a large selection of cuisine and provide incredibly excellent services.

Most patrons at this restaurant are repeat customers, which is usually positive. It  indicates that the cuisine is interesting and the service is above average!

Horizon Buffet Restaurant

Horizon buffet restaurant
Zomato: Horizon restaurant

Horizon is a great spot to eat with loved ones, coworkers, and friends. It is the best buffet restaurant in Dubai.

Chefs from around the globe prepare an enticing buffet. The Levantine customs and cosmopolitan cuisine inspire the Horizon culinary team’s creations.

The restaurant’s interior is breathtaking, with seaside influences mixed with modern décor.

Oriental food from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Persia, and the Emirates is another treat that guests may anticipate. It is also among Dubai’s top Filipino buffet establishments.


In Dubai, the price of a single lunch at a mid-range restaurant can range from AED 50 to AED 150, or roughly USD 14 to USD 41. A high-end restaurant can charge between AED 500 and AED 800, or between USD 136 and USD 218, for a dinner for two.

Breakfast at a mid-range restaurant in Dubai would set you back between AED 30 and AED 60, or roughly INR 680 and INR 1,360 if you travel alone.

The fee up front may be higher due to the perceived value of having unrestricted access to a wider selection of foods. Buffets frequently have a large selection of meals to accommodate a range of palates. The price of offering a variety of choices and upkeep also increases the cost.