One of the most breathtaking experiences in Abu Dhabi is a guided or unguided kayak excursion through the magical Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National Park, which is home to expansive mangrove forests with man-made and natural canals.

Visitors can rent a kayak to navigate the rivers or stroll along the promenade among the majestic mangroves for shade. Get a closer look at the local wildlife, which includes dolphins, turtles, and colorful birds.

Select between kayaking in a group or solo

You can choose to go kayaking alone or with a companion. Whenever possible, go for a tandem kayaking tour if you’re not sure you have the strength and skill to row. But if you want the kayak to proceed in the proper direction and at a decent pace, you’ll need to learn how to synchronize with your kayaking buddy!

Pay heed to the instructions

Kayaking in the lagoon is made easier by the relatively calm waters. It’s important to pay attention to the instructions given by the skilled instructors, though, as there may be instances when you can’t keep up with everyone and end up losing sight of the experts. 

Kayak at a leisurely pace while taking in the breathtaking scenery, but always be careful! You may be confident that the instructors will always keep an eye on you. Prior to starting the tour, pay close attention to the safety precautions.


family-friendly way to demonstrate to them the value of nature for their health and happiness is to take them on a boat tour through the mangroves. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the meandering paths with a knowledgeable tour guide who will explain the workings of the mangrove environment. 

Taking a donut boat ride is another enjoyable option to spend time together while taking in the peaceful sounds of nature. With a convenient table in the middle to hold all of your snacks and beverages, these covered eco boats can accommodate six adults or four adults and four children. 

The mangroves can get extremely narrow.

The majority of the voyage is across a big lagoon with mangroves on both sides, far enough apart to make paddling the kayak comfortable. But if you decide to go deeper into the interior with the assistance of your tour guide, be ready to paddle through really small inlets—which are challenging to maneuver through but will undoubtedly exhilarate you! 

Navigating between the low-lying trees, the slender waterways, and the little aquatic life is what makes things exciting. If you’re not comfortable, you might opt to kayak exclusively on the open, wider waters rather than in the woodlands.

Purchase your tickets right away.

The mangroves of Abu Dhabi are a stunning natural marvel that may now be explored by kayak. AED 615 per person is the starting price for tickets that include a private transfer. Experienced tour guides will take you through the placid lagoons and meandering channels of the mangroves so you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquil splendor of this unusual ecosystem.

Discovering the mangroves’ peace and the variety of plants and animals that live there is best done by kayak. You may enjoy this thrilling adventure whether you’re a novice or an expert because the tours are appropriate for all skill levels.

How to Get to National Park Mangroves

The itinerary is determined by how much time you wish to spend in the mangroves. We advise following the blue route or going toward the small island shown on the map.

You will need about two hours for each of the journeys, but it is best to rent the kayak for three hours or longer to avoid rushing and to give yourself enough of time to take in the scenery along the route. Follow the signs for the airport as you travel inland on Corniche Road, which runs parallel to the shore. You will pass the park on your left, but to make the loop, you must stay on the E10. 

Directions from Saadiyat Island to Mangrove National Park: Taking the E12 and E10 will take you from Saadiyat Island to this national park in about 30 minutes. Before moving inland, cross the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge and enjoy the breathtaking views of the water.


It is safe to kayak in the mangroves in Abu Dhabi. There are knowledgeable tour guides on hand to make sure you stay safe the entire time.

We advise using sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and dressing in loose, comfortable clothing that you can get wet in.

No, AAN Tourism offers all the gear needed for the excursion, such as paddles, kayaks, and life jackets.

Indeed, kayaking is permitted throughout the year in Abu Dhabi's mangroves.