An exclave governorate of Oman, Musandam is located on the picturesque Arabian Peninsula’s northernmost point. Musandam, divided from Oman’s mainland by the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its fjord-like inlets (khors), bleak mountain range, and spectacular, jagged shoreline. 

Due to the peninsula’s distinctive geography, Musandam is sometimes called the Norway of Arabia, the Fjords of Arabia, or the Norway of the Middle East. Vigor Travels will now show you what all can you do at Musandam Trip from Dubai!

Why is Musandam a well-liked day trip from Dubai?

Often called the “Norway of Arabia,” Musandam is a breathtaking blend of mountain beauty and beach pleasure. Although it is an Omani region, it is easily accessible by a two-hour road drive from Dubai. This natural beauty is a well-liked escape location for visitors and Dubai locals alike because of its proximity to the busy city of Dubai.

The breathtaking scenery features deep fjords surrounded by the peaceful blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the crimson Hajar Mountains. The quaint traditional dhows adorn the waters, creating a picturesque setting for rest and renewal. Swimming, kayaking, and snorkelling are water sports that add excitement and difficulty to a trip to Musandam.

One-Day Visa for Oman

Travel agencies are the best option if you want to visit Oman because it can be risky to cross the international border and make sure you get back to the UAE in time. When you contact an agent, they should assist you with all the paperwork needed to apply for a one-day visa to Oman. The agency should get scanned copies of your passport and UAE visa by mail.

In which part of Oman is Musandam located?

Many tourists are frequently surprised to learn that, although encircled by the UAE, Musandam is an actual part of Oman. Musandam, the northernmost point of the Arabian Peninsula and projects into the Strait of Hormuz is bounded to the west by Ras Al Khaimah Emirate and to the east by the Sharjah Emirate exclave. 

 One of UAE citizens’ most popular weekend escapes is a day excursion from Dubai to Musandam, which is reasonably simple to arrange. Driving from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, the UAE-Oman border is only a few hours away, and once you pass, you’ll find yourself in a whole new universe.

Activities in Musandam

Go to Khasab

In the UAE, Khasab is the capital of the Musandam Peninsula and a small Omani exclave. It is a historic town. One of the main draws in this town is the Khasab Fort. Aside from the fort, the city is a quaint cultural hub well-known for its Khasab Castle. 

If you have time and intend to stay overnight on the peninsula, you can visit the Oman Fjords and the Bimmah Sink-hole. The road trip to Musandam is generally captivating.

History Musandam

Ancient petroglyphs and stone sculptures attest to the presence of civilization in Musandam hundreds of years ago. These distinctive sculptures, which may be found in Wadi Tiwi and Jebel Harim pockets, show people and animals, including horses and camels. Local tribes that have lived in the area and established towns like Bukha and Khasab have a rich cultural legacy. 

These towns have historic forts with distinctive architectural styles; the Portuguese, in particular, constructed the fort at Khasab. Other distinctive cultural customs include the bait al qual and the house of locks, which served as tribes’ treasured possessions’ vaults. Today, travellers can experience the traditional Omani way of life by visiting these locations.


The waters of the Musandam are breathtaking and abundant in fauna. The coastline of Musandam has been sculpted over millennia, resulting in the formation of cracks and shallow caves beneath the mountains that line the shore. A stunning natural reef that sustains a whole aquatic ecology is also there. Snorkelling is a well-liked activity included in the Musandam vacation packages. 

Even if you are not a good swimmer, you can still enjoy the wonders of the water by snorkelling. Occasionally, a group of dolphins may pass by and keep you company! You can delve deep and discover the ocean’s secrets if you are a PADI diver.


The purpose of the Dubai to Musandam tour is to provide an escape from Dubai’s bustle and fast-paced lifestyle. Fishing is the finest method to de-stress and forget about time passing! You may fish right out of your dhow and, with any luck, capture some fish to take home! 

You have the option to participate in more water activities. You can explore the mountain’s overhanging cliffs in a kayak or canoe. It is tempting to have a lovely, incredible swim in the crystal-clear waters to unwind for the day.


One of the Middle East's most breathtaking travel locations is the Musandam Peninsula. Musandam is a must-see because of its stunning scenery, including mighty mountains, untamed beaches, and a wide variety of marine life.

Even though most tourists from Dubai (UAE) plan to stay for a day, you might easily spend two days or more in Musandam

October through March is the ideal season to visit Musandam. The reduced temperatures make it enjoyable to spend time outside. You can still travel to Musandam in September or March-April, the shoulder season. It will, however, be quite hot, muggy, and cloudy, with daytime highs of over 35 degrees Celsius.