Whether you’re looking for a leisurely meal or a quick snack close to your departure gate, Dubai Airport Terminal 2 has a wide range of international dining alternatives to suit all tastes and preferences.

 A wide selection of food is available, ranging from hot coffee and pastries to sandwiches and complete meals. Enjoy your favorite flavors to please your palate. Check out the restaurants in Dubai Airport Terminal 2 below!

Krispy Kreme

krispy kreme
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Krispy Kreme’s specialty is donuts; its Lotus biscoff, red velvet, and hot coffee are must-tries. You can only get the greatest donuts in Dubai at Krispy Kreme. This is one of the go-to restaurants in Dubai Airport Terminal 2. Elevate your flight wait experience with the Glazed donuts and caramel frappé combo.  

Kreme is a popular site for sweet treats. Sweet tooths may look forward to delicious ice cream, hand-made pastries, and fine coffee! They have you covered whether you’re craving the traditional Original Glazed or a variety of doughnuts with a hot beverage!


If you would want a sub made to order, head to Subway. Select everything, including the bread, sauce, and fillings. Remember to get a cookie at this famous restaurant in Dubai Airport Terminal 2. Subway’s goal of providing everyone with wholesome, delicious, and freshly prepared food is poised to increase its power and freshness.

They consider that thinking results from eating fresh food, and thus, they apply this philosophy to everything they do. Their dedication lies in creating superior, healthful, and exceptional meals that satisfy their customers.


Savor some delicious, freshly made burgers at McDonald’s—they’re the ideal choice for a pre-flight meal at this Dubai Airport Terminal Restaurant. Their mayonnaise now contains 50% fewer calories. Isn’t that incredible? 

You may now savor the same delicious flavor with a lighter mayo. They are always improving their menu to ensure you enjoy your cuisine. They only use the best parts—the chicken breast—making their chicken the greatest. Their licensed suppliers have always manually deboned the meat following halal standards. 

Nutella Cafe

The ultimate Nutella experience may be had by Nutella aficionados at Nutella Cafe! Savor the essence of Nutella in this unique and joyful location. Admire its chic décor and delectable menu, which features premium ingredients and is inspired by the renowned Nutella hazelnut spread!

Everybody can create their own Nutella masterpiece at Nutella Cafe with their “Build Your Own” menu, which starts with a base of a crepe, waffle, pancake, or French toast dripping with Nutella and ends with fruit or other delectable toppings. Everyone can find something to enjoy at the Nutella Cafe, from serious foodies to lovers of the brand—whether they’re stopping by for a quick cup of coffee before work or settling down for an enjoyable morning meal or weekend brunch before or after their flight!

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee provides warm, welcoming personal service along with an assortment of the best coffees in the world. You’ll surely enjoy their mouthwatering coffees, so check them out. Find your favorite coffee by sampling their core selection.

Savor the Double Chocolate or Red Velvet Marshmallows. Check out Costa’s new Spiced Toffee line. Enjoy a delicious selection of food and drinks at Costa, including timeless favorites like the Flat White and Frostino.

Jones the Grocer

jones the grocer
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Delicious and healthful deli fare, including single-origin coffees, sandwiches, salads, soups, and substantial main courses, can be found at DXB’s Jones the Grocer. Every day, the food is freshly prepared and packaged for takeout. 

These include a walk-in cheese room, open-air dining areas, demo kitchens, a premium assortment of gourmet private-label groceries, freshly made breads, croissants, and cakes.  Before they were ever a thing, it was the first of its type, delivering the best flat whites and simple, excellent, and freshly prepared artisan food. This restaurant in Dubai Airport Terminal 2 is a must-try!


A network of Irish sandwich shops that serves made-to-order sarnies. Select your bread, then choose from an assortment of fillings, including cheese, meat, and vegetables. You can sit in the airy dining room or grab to go food.

You can personalize their delicious sandwiches to suit your requirements and tastes. Since they are freshly created, you won’t taste like you’re eating a chilled one. In addition, they have a selection of equally tasty salads served with excellent dressings.

All domestic travelers, whether on business or pleasure, can use Priority Pass to gain access to our Dubai Terminal 2 lounges, regardless of their ticket class (economy, business, or first).

Many of DXB's foreign carriers are based out of Terminal 1 Concourse D (D-Gates), while access to both regional and international flights is available via Terminal 2 (F Gates). The D-Gates of Terminal 1 can be accessed with a quick ride on an airport rail.

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