Best restaurants in Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, one of the most well-known shopping and dining locations in the world, is situated in the posh downtown of Dubai and is snuggled beneath the Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world. It can be a little daunting due to the Dubai Mall’s enormous selection of restaurants. We’ve got you covered […]

Restaurants in Dubai marina

Restaurants in Dubai Marina are a doorway for those who are starving and enjoy eating delectable food in a bustling setting. The restaurant scene on the promenade, where every dish reaches the peak of fine dining perfection, is where the promenade’s reputation for extravagance is most evident. Your next visit must be dining at the […]

Best Bars in Dubai

Vigor Travels is more than pleased to bring you a listful to keep your moods lively for the weekend to come at the exotically grand bars in Dubai! I mean let’s be honest and address the elephant in the room, who doesn’t like a refreshing beverage to go well with your hunger pangs? The cocktails […]

Restaurants in Dubai

A trip to Dubai is likely to remain incomplete until you plan on heading out to the one-of-a-kind fleet of restaurants for a dine and wine experience of a lifetime. We at Vigor Travels do not want you to worry about finding a place to eat, so we bring out a list of best restaurants […]

Best coffee shops in Dubai

Famous for its towering skyscrapers, tech-driven cars, admiringly beautiful vast beaches, and the scorching Middle East heat, you cannot just come to Dubai and not sit in a coffee shop to rest for a while. The history of coffee exudes a tint of vanilla and chocolate which leads to the Coffee Museum dedicated only to […]