New tourist attractions in Dubai

Every year, millions of people travel worldwide to Dubai to experience its breathtaking sights and sounds. The city welcomes all the visitors with new tourism destinations in Dubai in 2024 which you must try out! Vigor tourism has created a list of top 20 New Tourist Attractions in Dubai. Mohammed bin Rashid Library Okay, this […]

Things to do in Dubai in November

Dubai, the most developed and populous city in the United Arab Emirates, is situated on the Persian Gulf coast, which means it experiences heat waves all year round. November experiences a gentler sun that will still give you a tan but won’t burn off your skin as the “winter months” approach. The 11th month of […]

Things to do in Dubai in October

For thousands of tourists from around the world, Dubai is the most desirable vacation destination. Dubai has everything, from luxury accommodations and shopping centers for leisure travelers to adventurous activities for thrill-seekers. It is undoubtedly a city that turns every opportunity into greatness. Dubai is friendly and open all year round, but let’s focus on […]

Dubai Tourist Places

The modernism, wealth, and architectural wonders of Dubai are well-known. Dubai provides a variety of sites for travelers to discover, from majestic skyscrapers to immaculate beaches. Whatever your interests—history, extreme sports, or fine cuisine Dubai has something to offer. The following are the top Dubai tourist places that you ought to see: The Burj Khalifa […]

Things to Do in Downtown Dubai

Move Downtown to explore the towering skyscrapers or just stand out for a quiet evening walk down the lanes of the most-visited hub in all of Dubai.  If you’re wondering about other things to do in Downtown Dubai, there’s a plethora of options ranging from world-class shopping experiences to gourmet dining and mesmerizing performances at local venues. […]

Best Time to Visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is subjective upon the various aspects of likes and dislikes of certain visitors. Some people may like the crowding joys of unison while others may like a quiet and serene place.  Well, there is a best for everything as Vigor Travels brings to you the dynamically changing environmental and climatic factors […]

Best things to do in Dubai in summer

Vigor Travels brings you a list of things to do in Dubai in summer, helping you beat the heat in the vibrant city Slide-in at Ski Dubai The best indoor activity to date takes you out to the icy slopes of the Ski Dubai snow park that hosts learning lessons for snowboarding and skiing, meeting […]

Best parks in Dubai

Looking out for a stroll? Then the parks in Dubai are the best destinations to make for. Vigor Travels brings out a list for you to look at. So what are you waiting for? Put on your jogging shoes to pave the way to the most serene and quiet of all places – the Parks […]

Things to Do in Dubai Mall

Things to Do in Dubai Mall: Top Attractions and Experiences Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping centers, offers a plethora of unique and exciting experiences that go well beyond just shopping. This colossal mall, covering an area of over 5.9 million square feet and housing more than 1,200 retail outlets, has something for […]

Things to do in Dubai at night

Introduction Dubai, the gleaming gem of the Middle East, is a city that never sleeps. When the sun sets and casts its golden glow on the Arabian landscape, Dubai transforms into a captivating playground of nocturnal wonders. The vibrant city offers a plethora of exhilarating experiences to indulge in after dark, ensuring that your nights […]