How to go to Dubai Marina by metro?

With 305 stores and 69 eateries, Marina Walk is a strollable Jumeirah beachside destination that offers guests excellent entertainment. Cycling or strolling along the walkway will truly make you feel relaxed while taking in the stunning scenery. Additionally, there is a children’s play area. Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 2, Marsa Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence Station […]

Bars in Dubai Marina

There is something for every interest in and around Dubai Marina, whether you’re looking for the newest pubs and clubs or laid-back rooftop vibes with a cocktail. Dubai Marina, which boasts the liveliest nightlife in the UAE, is home to a large number of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. This is the place to unwind with […]

Dubai Marina Mall Shops

Among the best malls in Dubai is Dubai Marina Mall, which provides guests with a wide range of shopping and entertainment possibilities.  Due to its prime waterfront location and excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities, this mall is well-liked by both locals and visitors. Due to the mall’s connection to the Address Dubai Marina Hotel, […]

Dubai Marina Beach

Dubai Marina is a waterfront metropolis, with some of the world’s highest residential towers—not to mention some of the most striking architectural designs—framing the emerald-green waterways. Jumeirah Beach Residence, a neighborhood unto itself and the entryway from Dubai Marina to the beach, is located immediately next door. The well-known Dubai Marina is one of the […]

Dubai Marina Walk

The Dubai Marina stroll encircles the marina in the shape of a loop utilizing many routes that veer off course. The ring-shaped journey is five miles (eight kilometers) in length. You can choose from a wide range of enjoyable activities to do during your free time. If you have yet to visit the Dubai Marina […]