Among the best malls in Dubai is Dubai Marina Mall, which provides guests with a wide range of shopping and entertainment possibilities.  Due to its prime waterfront location and excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities, this mall is well-liked by both locals and visitors. 

Due to the mall’s connection to the Address Dubai Marina Hotel, customers may shop with maximum convenience. Everything you require to know about the mall’s stores is provided here.

Ted Baker

Among the most well-liked lifestyle organizations available, Ted Baker is also one of the finest mall additions! 

One of the most well-known retail establishments in Dubai, it provides a flexible selection for kids, adults, and both. You may get anything from apparel and accessories to watches and phone covers.

Ted’s career began in Glasgow in 1988 as a shirt specialist, but he’s much more than that now. Some regard Ted Baker as a global lifestyle brand, and with good reason. Ted, nevertheless, likes to go by the nickname “No Ordinary Designer Label.” 

Given that you’re spending money on long-lasting goods, Ted Baker is among the greatest stores in the mall. With collections that are refreshed frequently, there is always something in the store that catches your attention.

Mahallati Jewellery Group

Mahallati Jewellery Group is one of the top diamond jewelry manufacturers in the Middle East, having achieved significant success in its industry for the past 20 years. From ideation to production, Mahallati continues to be superior to the others.

They are wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers of diamond jewelry, and Sheikhs and Heads of State commonly visit them. This store truly captures the nation’s long tradition of jewelry-making, which is still very much in use today.

Whatever your jewelry needs may be, the professionals are always here to assist! You can peruse a wide selection of exquisite necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bangles, and bracelets at the store.

Even while this shop may not provide you with a view of the expansive waterfront, it nevertheless has plenty of glitz and glamour to behold!

Scotch & Soda

The Amsterdam-based fashion business Scotch & Soda specializes in creating outstanding clothes that fit every person. Their goal is for their clothing to be cherished and appreciated by others. This store offers reasonably priced, well-made, and intricately detailed apparel selections for every member of the family! 

The design of every item, no matter how avant-garde, is always grounded in functionality. From the meticulously polished inner of each garment to the intricate detailing and fine-tuning of samples, the creative team at Scotch spares no time or money.

For reliable quality, you should visit Scotch & Soda if you’re prepared to unleash your creative side! 

As soon as you walk into the stylish Dutch store, Scotch & Soda, you can see that it embodies the unrestrained attitude of Amsterdam.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan has built a solid reputation over the years for producing comfortable and high-quality goods, and the marina is now home to these fine goods!

 The brand takes a 360-degree approach to design, much like it does with sculpture or building. Cole Haan uses the finest materials to create its coats, accessories, and shoes.

You will be able to see expansive views of Cole Haan’s most recent collections, which are evidence of the company’s unwavering commitment to creative design and fine craftsmanship. Furthermore, since Cole Haan items are handmade, both are quite different.

Cole Haan is the place to go if you want to buy for comfortable yet stylish clothing or high-end ensembles. Since you only have one life to live, why not settle into something cozier?


Sephora is a special place where everyone can access beauty. Any lover of beauty products is aware that Sephora is the best place to go for the greatest skincare and makeup items available. 

Come here for individualized support or to be left in peace to explore the breathtaking environment. 

Our knowledgeable Beauty Consultants will offer you advice on the newest “must haves” in the beauty industry, what’s best for your skin type, and what would be the ideal present for your family and friends. 

In addition, you will be able to sample the assortment of beauty products and select your favorites. Come into Sephora right now and have a really enjoyable time shopping.


One of the most recent—and greatest—additions to the mall is Superdry, which specializes in high-end urban apparel lines! Superdry uses a creative concept to raise the bar for vintage style, branding, and quality.

The brand features recognizable elements of a modern rock vibe, enhanced by the qualities of British tailoring and the genius of Japanese graphics and classic Americana. Shoppers can choose from five primary collections in-store. 

The Studios collection emphasizes high-end materials and timeless shapes, while the Original & Vintage collection pays homage to the brand’s beginnings in British charity stores. It addresses the demands of many social groups while providing luxury within a competitive range. The CODE and PERFORMANCE SPORT collections are made to maximize your training, and Superdry X is meant for those who want to show their unique sense of style.


You have to visit the Lululemon store if you’re an active person or find that wearing sportswear makes you feel most at ease!  Lululemon Athletica is an athletic wear brand with yoga influences that makes products to help people live long, healthy, and enjoyable lives. 

Lululemon feels that the world will be a better place if it continues to produce items that encourage people to be active and stress-free. Men’s and women’s sportswear, travel essentials, and standard accessories like hats, socks, purses, and gloves are all available at this store.

Lululemon, which sets the standard for technical textiles and useful designs, collaborates with fellow athletes and yogis to conduct ongoing research and get feedback for their products.


Considering how much walking you’ll be doing in Dubai Marina, a brief stop at the Birkenstock store is definitely necessary! 

The original BIRKENSTOCK footbed, which mimics walking barefoot and is modeled after the natural imprint of a foot in the sand, is the foundation of all of their shoe styles. The shop ensures that every member of the family can go about in comfortable shoes by offering Birkenstock shoes for men, women, and kids.

 Its anatomical form perfectly accommodates your foot’s natural walking motion. Additionally, BIRKENSTOCK places a premium on the soles that are worn. Not only do the soles they utilize have excellent shock absorption capabilities, but they also level out uneven walking surfaces.


Balmain offers a wide selection of apparel. For both men and women, the store sells elegant suits as well as more laid-back items like jeans and t-shirts.

Despite this, Balmain is still associated with glitz and the street-chic elegance of a rock spirit that transforms street-style components into couture through the application of skilled craftsmanship for items that are heavily adorned with hand embroidery and embellishments.

The Balmain store has everything you need, from casual to comfortable. Be advised, however, that the fashionable merchandise at the Balmain store is quite expensive.

 This collection shows how an accent can change without losing its authentic identity.

With more than 140 stores, the mall is layered over four stories.

Being a coastal neighborhood, Dubai Marina is well-known for its Wonderful Jumeirah Beach, a sizable residential area with opulent high-rise buildings that house over 45,000 people.

A vast array of facilities and activities are available in the opulent and energetic residential neighborhood of Dubai Marina. Even so, life in Dubai Marina is not always cheap. The excellent standard of living and the ease of living in a busy city make the price worthwhile.