The greatest times to take advantage of Dubai’s lovely weather are at sunrise and sunset. The city boasts a warm and humid environment. In Dubai, the temperature is pleasant and the breeze is cool and pleasant as the sun sets. The ideal spots to greet the dusk are deep in the desert, high above the roofs, or soaring through the sky.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the ideal location to enjoy the sunset in Dubai on a day with clear skies or favorable weather. It is not possible for everyone to have this experience, though, as you will need to pay a fee to enter the world’s highest skyscraper.

When you reserve a space in advance on the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck, At The Top, you can witness the city’s architecture below be reflected in whirling shades of orange, purple, and pink from the sky. Alternatively book a table for a late tea with equally stunning views at At.mosphere, located on Level 122.

The highest freestanding building in Dubai outperforms all other locations because of its sheer height, which makes the sunset appear extremely peaceful.

Dubai Creek

Take a classic abra boat out on Dubai Creek and enjoy a breathtaking sunset in Dubai. Although many people enjoy watching the sunset in Dubai from the terraces of tall buildings, you will enjoy viewing the city’s sunset from Deira Creek, a fresh viewpoint that will calm your eyes.

Deira Creek is also the ideal location for capturing the splendour of a sunset with your camera. You ask, where’s the best place to look? Head to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s first tee for the greatest shots. 

The structures and water in Deira Creek also catch the reflection of the twilight sunlight. Make a special excursion out for this genuine and reasonably priced Dubai-only event; boats surround the harbour.

Bluewaters Island

Find the ideal bench on Bluewaters Island to blend into the merging hues of the sky until the sun sets, which will be the ideal location to watch the sunset from the Dubai Eye. With its bustling business districts, this place opens up a whole new realm of entertainment.

Early in the morning, Bluewaters Island is bathed in all the tones of the sun, and the skyline is breathtaking against the fascinating backdrop of the metropolis.

As a result, this Island is a must-visit location for fantastic sunrise views in the city. Bluewaters Island’s main island is accessible to inhabitants of Jumeirah Beach via a pedestrian bridge. 

You will always be surprised by the vista when you take a stroll across the bridge and watch the sunrise.

Kite Beach

Our choice is Kite Beach! The sky shimmered with shades of purple, pink, and orange, reflecting off the coast. Kite Beach in Dubai offers a plethora of activities and experiences, ranging from exhilarating water sports to cozy cafes and eateries. 

However, when dusk or dawn arrive, simply let go of everything to savor the momentous occasion. From this beach, you may capture some amazing pictures against the gorgeous backdrop of the renowned Burj Al Arab

You can sip your favorite mocktails or cocktails while taking in the scenery from Kite Beach’s eateries. Head to Kite Beach to watch the best sunset in Dubai for a stunning and unforgettable experience.

Al Qudra

Watching the sunset in Dubai over a tranquil lake in a stunning desert setting is the ideal way to cap off a hectic morning. Sounds good to you? Al Qudra is where you may find this location. 

The beach and the desert are combined at Al Qudra Lake, an artificial desert oasis. At the lake in Dubai, you can observe the sunset as the sun creates various illusions by reflecting off the water. 

More than 130 different bird species and a wide range of desert animals, including camels and antelopes, can be seen around this lake. It’s an incredible sight to take in in the vastness of the desert.

 If you want to observe the sunrise and some birdwatching, get to the location early in the morning.

Al Jadaf

Covering an area of about 7 square kilometer, Al Jadaf is a sprawling hub that is home to a variety of food establishments, clubs, and pubs. This enormous hotel center is usually not congested. 

As a result, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy some time here by yourself. It’s among the greatest spots in Dubai to take in the beauty of the natural world. It’s the perfect place to view the sunrise in peace and quiet because it’s not very busy.

Situated on the edge of Dubai Creek, Al Jadaf provides a range of enjoyable things to engage while taking in the breathtaking dawn and landscape.

Hot Air Balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon is another exciting option to witness the dawn or sunset in Dubai. It’s as exhilarating as it sounds, hovering 4000 feet above the earth and seeing the various tints of the sun. 

Just be sure to purchase your tickets far in advance to guarantee that you board the aircraft at the appropriate time and to prevent disappointment. Behind the Hajar Mountains and the sand dunes is the ideal place to take a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. 

After your fantastic sunrise or sunset trip, you can also savor a delicious brunch or dinner.

Desert Safari

Watching the sunrises and sunsets in the Arabian Desert is the ideal way to begin your trip in Dubai.  One of the most eagerly awaited ways to photograph Dubai’s sunrise or sunset locations is on a desert safari. 

Aside from the exciting activities that are scheduled, witnessing the sun set or rise behind the swaying dunes of the desert is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. 

Admire with wonder as the sun emerges from or sets behind the enormous stretch of sand. Desert safaris in Dubai provide breathtaking panoramic views, animals, and unspoiled natural beauty. 

You can take pictures of these safari tours with your camera while they take you on an experience of a lifetime. Even better, you may take part in camel riding while taking in the sunrises and sunsets.

Town Square: Park there, take a detour around the desert route, or turn off the Qudra roundabout.Al Qudra Lakes: Take a trip up to Al Qudra and park around the lake to enjoy a peaceful place to watch the sunset.

It's the final hour before dusk and the first hour following daybreak. Photographers adore these times of day because the warm, soft, and golden tone of the setting sun can attractively illuminate their pictures. It's enchanted!

The ideal location to unwind and take in the picture-perfect city's sea, sun, and sand is Sunset Beach, also known as Umm Suqeim beach.