In the Dubai Cat Cafes, you can take pleasure in the company of cuddly cats. If you’re a cat person, this sounds fantastic. Cat cafes, with their assortment of cuddly buddies, provide the ideal option. 

These are the best and most enjoyable cat cafes in Dubai. If all you have is a cat and you don’t own a pet, you can go to these places. Thus, why do you delay? Now add these locations to your list!

Ailuromania Cat Cafe Dubai

Ailuromania Cat Cafe Dubai

The first cat cafe in the Middle East is called Ailuromania Cat Cafe Dubai. These cats are all rescues that are up for adoption. In addition to serving a variety of meals and beverages, the café is home to some of Dubai’s cutest cats. Along with enjoying a delicious meal with your group, you can also pet the fluffy kitties. For 700 dirhams, interested parties can adopt one of the café’s eighteen different breeds of cats. 

Because they are energetic, the cats will want to jump about when you toss their toys in the air. They like to stare at you while you drink the beverage of your choice, taking small steps all over the wall. Although walk-ins are welcome, this cafe isn’t large enough to accommodate multiple guests at once. Nonetheless, their extremely welcoming personnel would try to make accommodations for you. This cafe is for you if you’ve always loved cats and would like to adopt one!

Location: Ta’Rada Street, Umm Suqiem, Dubai

Time: 11 AM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: AED 120 for two

Dubai Cat Cafe Vibrissae

Cat Cafe Vibrissae

Cat Café Vibrissae, which goes by the slogan “cat, coffee, cuddles,” offers cool coffee, milkshakes, tea, and smoothies. Enjoy a latte, espresso, Milano, piccolo, flat white, and vibrissae special while surrounded by these adorable animals. You will appreciate spending some quality time with the incredibly amiable cats here. 

You could even throw a little party here because of the laid-back atmosphere. The café’s wide windows add to its visual appeal, especially on a pleasant, cloudy day. Its intelligent design offers plenty of seating and space for both visitors and the café’s resident cats. To meet everyone’s desires, a variety of beverages and snacks were available on the menu.

Location: Al Safa Complex, 16th Street, Al Safa

Time: 12 PM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: AED 50 for two

Cat Café Dubai

You can benefit from some feline therapy and enjoy the companionship of cats while sipping drinks at The Cat Café. They have some amazing kitties up for adoption. Therefore, you absolutely must visit this place if you are considering adoption. This well-maintained cat cafe in Dubai has a designated lounge and eating area only for cats. 

The area used for preparing food is off-limits to visitors. Additionally, they provide expert grooming services for their resident cats. Above all, the wonderfully clean atmosphere of this cafe makes it highly recommended. In order for you to enjoy yourself while watching cats play in a carefree, stress-free atmosphere.

Location: Arjan-Dubailand, Al Barsha South

Time: 11 AM – 8 PM

Cost For Two: AED 90 for two

Meowtropolis Cat Café

The Meowtropolis Cat Café in Dubai offers a distinctive and cozy environment where cat lovers may unwind and enjoy their favorite beverages while taking in the company of adorable cats. Visitors can choose from a variety of packages that include time spent with the cats and free cat toys for interactive play. Meowtropolis Cat Cafe does not allow you to adopt a cat, but you are welcome to spend as much time as you like there. 

Although the café doesn’t have a website, you can call them to learn more about it and schedule a visit. For further information, see their Facebook or Instagram profiles for their contact information. Before meeting your animal pals, you can spend approximately AED 15 on some delectable cat treats. Furthermore, the mouthwatering desserts appropriately satisfy your sweet taste, providing yet another justification to return. 

Location: Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Time: 11 AM – 10 PM

Entry Fee: AED 49 (beverages not included)

Meet Cat Cafe Dubai

Meet Cat Cafe is a genuinely neat, comfortable, and adorable place to unwind and play with their sociable cats. There are plenty of parking spaces available, including both paid and free parking lots. To assist you during the contact, their team is helpful and well-trained.

It’s forbidden to feed cats without permission. For AED 239, the cafe offers a fantastic day pass that grants you unrestricted access to their adorable feline tenants.

Location: Al Barsha 1, Desert Building 5 & 6, Near Golden Tulip Hotel, Dubai

Time: 10 AM – 12 AM

Entry Fee: AED 49 (beverages aren’t covered)

We can promise you that these distinctive shops provide more than just coffee and cuddles after discovering the colorful world of cat cafes in Dubai. Why then wait? Make plans to visit a cat cafe in Dubai and experience the ideal fusion of happiness, relaxation, and company.


Typically, guests at a cat cafe pay a charge to spend time with the resident cats for a set number of hours. In a comfortable and relaxing setting, they can enjoy drinking tea or coffee and interacting with the cats—petting, playing, or just watching them.

You need money for food, housing, veterinary care, and immunizations. This can total up to 2500 AED for a dog and 1500–2000 AED for cats per year for food, litter, toys, shots, and medical care.

For cats, the environment is much better when there are rules and laws. Some café owners also keep an eye out for stress in their cats; if they show signs of being unhappy, they will find other homes. Along with stray and abandoned cats, some cats are kept at the cafés from shelters.