The world’s most exquisite cuisine is explored through food in Thali restaurants. The flavors and ambiance add to the pleasure. 

Are you a lover of Thali cuisine and want to find the top Thalis in Dubai? 

If so, don’t be worried; you’re in the right spot. In this post, we’ll look at some of the top thali restaurants in Dubai.


Rajdhani restaurant
Zomato: Rajdhani

Popular Indian restaurant brand Rajdhani has 28 locations in India and one in Dubai. They provide you with Dubai’s best thali from Rajasthan and Gujarat. There is no doubt that this restaurant belongs on the map of thali dining. The thali cooks are skilled at whetting people’s appetites. 

With meals like Paneer karai, kache tamatar ki sabji, aloo palak, rajma, Rajasthani kadhi, and spicy dal, you will be spoiled for choice here. Furthermore, the best vegetarian thali in Dubai can be found at Rajdhani restaurant. 

There are twelve delectable vegetarian meals on this thali, like as bhindi, palak paneer, and gobi aloo. Chutneys, salads, puris, chapatis, and roti accompany the dishes. You should also get the Lassi, buttermilk or yogurt with savory or sweet flavors.


Sthan Restaurant
Zomato: Sthan Restaurant

The restaurant was established with the goal of bringing traditional Afghan, Hindustani, and Pakistani cuisines back to life under one roof. As the name suggests, Sthan is one of the few places in Dubai that serves a natural fusion of North-West Asian cuisine with a hint of modernity. 

As a result, the restaurant specializes in grilled and tandoori meat dishes and features an open kitchen.

Maharaja Bhog

Maharaja Bhog

Our list of the top eateries in Dubai for thalis includes Maharaja Bhog as the following item.  The restaurant offers diners a healthy alternative because it uses high-quality products and cooks them simply. A variety of meals are available for selection at the daily buffet, and to top it all off, these are changed every day.

There are tons of healthful organic meals on the buffet, many of which are nut-, gluten-, and vegan-free. This restaurant in Dubai serves both Gujrati and traditional Rajasthani thali. More than 10 dishes make up their thali, which also includes rice, tori ki sabzi (ridge gourd), desserts, and curries from Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

The setting is a royal affair that includes an endless flow of Thali dishes in bronze vessels, as you enjoy buttermilk mango lassi and lemon mint.

Rasoi Ghar

In Dubai, Rasoi Ghar is renowned for its endless thali. The first course of this meal consists of hot rice served with samosas, mint chutney, and channa chat. The restaurant provides a prix fixe menu in addition to rotating daily specials. 

Gujarati by birth, the restaurant’s owner has made Rasoi Ghar a cozy and welcoming place for patrons to savor his cuisine. Come here for the vibrant Rajasthani Thali and you will be guaranteed of a fun time. 

Dal Baati Churma, Missi Roti with Gatte ki Sabji, Panchmela Dal, Laal Maas, and Bajra Roti are usually included in the thali. Chefs create each dish from scratch, choosing what to make each day. The distinct flavors of Gujarati, Kathiyawad, and Rajasthani thali are available for celebration and dining.

Rangoli Restuarant, Dubai

Go to the Rangoli restaurant in Bur Dubai for real Indian food prepared at home. It is among the select few vegetarian Indian eateries in Dubai that has succeeded in preserving the authentic flavor of the dish.

Their specialty is traditional Gujarati food, although they serve all other Indian cuisines as well. Furthermore, because of its welcoming staff and understated decor, it continues to be a favorite with both locals and travelers.


Ponnusamy Restaurant
Zomato: Ponnusamy restaurant

Serving Bahubali thali, the “king of all thalis,” is a title that Ponnusamy genuinely bears. This elaborate thali includes 25 dishes, from soup and appetizers to the main course and dessert, and plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

In addition, the thali combines foods from north and south India. Let’s start with some South Indian food, which includes several types of rice, pickles, sambhar, veggies, and rice variants. North Indian cuisine also includes roti, or parotta, served with different gravies. Lastly, they offer you supari and pastries to finish your meal.


This is one restaurant you won’t want to miss if you enjoy hot and spicy food. The Peshwa restaurant’s management team strives to provide a true Indian experience. In order to do that, they have put together a menu featuring some of Dubai’s greatest Maharashtrian cuisine. 

They also make sure that every employee provides you with prompt service and appropriate instruction. The vegetarian thali, matki usal, pithla bhakri, and thalipeeth are a few of their most popular meals. 

Numerous patrons are complimenting this restaurant’s food and exceptional service. Likewise, a lot of reviews highlight the traditional atmosphere within, which adds to the memorability of every trip to Peshwa. It’s a fantastic option for family get-togethers as well because of its spacious interior.


Bhavna restaurant
Zomato: Bhavna Restaurant

Put this eatery on your list if you consider yourself a true Gujarati. One of the greatest locations in Dubai to experience the authentic, ethnic flavor of Gujarati thali is at Bhavna Restaurant. In addition, they are a seasoned group that has prevailed throughout time.

This is also one of the oldest thali restaurants in Dubai, offering reasonably priced meals without sacrificing quality. The Bhavna restaurant is still well-known today for its inexpensive, endless Gujarati thali, delectable bouquet tali, masala chai, fafda, and buffet.

In addition to meals, they have a fantastic assortment of snacks and savory items. They also have a different counter for sweets and chaat. Finally, there are plenty of vegetarian options, prompt service, and a kind staff.

Shri Krishna Bhavan

Shri Krishna Bhavan is the final eatery on our list of delicious thalis in Dubai. This establishment sells a variety of Andhra and Karnataka dishes. In addition, it’s a tidy location with plenty of sitting and staff that are available all year round. As a result, the traditional and welcoming restaurant arrangement is maintained. 

Their Donne Biryani, Rava Idli, Masala Dosa, and Andhra Meal are among the foods you must try. This restaurant also serves a variety of South Indian and vegetarian cuisine. Therefore, there is something to satisfy any dietary requirement here.


The thali is available for feasting on six days of the week, excluding Fridays. The crew needs forty-five minutes to put this thali together, including all the dishes. The cost of the thali is Dh135.

When you order a thali, it's usually "all you can eat," meaning that the waiters will keep bringing you food until you're satisfied. This means that you don't get to pick what's on the platter.

If you're looking for basic cuisines, the average cost of Indian meals in Dubai is 250 AED.