When visiting Dubai Marina, it is impossible to miss the hip cafes lining the promenade. Additionally, if you live in or frequently visit Dubai Marina, you are aware of the abundance of eateries and cafes in the neighborhood. The restaurants are great for breakfast in addition to serving delectable lunches and supper.  

You’re likely to discover the ideal location on this list, regardless of whether you prefer to eat breakfast or brunch at a café. Large, opulent clubs and taverns are also located here, where you may enjoy endless cocktails while listening to fantastic music.

Shakespeare and Co.

Shakespeare and Co. is the perfect spot to catch up with friends, sip your usual tea or coffee, and take in the views of the Dubai Marina. Shakespeare & Co., which is notable for its eccentric surroundings and hefty breakfast menu, is the place to go if you’re looking for an extensive breakfast at Dubai Marina Mall.  

This franchise restaurant was founded in 2001 in Dubai and has since expanded to 32 locations throughout the country. They are just that excellent!

Sample their hearty breakfast trays, which include healthy, English, American, and Mediterranean selections. For lunch, they serve salads and sandwiches along with an assortment of cakes and pastries. 

Desserts and exquisite pastries are Shakespeare and Co.’s area of expertise. Everything from the best French petit fours to freshly made Italian gelato is available.


Breaking Bread

Among the well-known cafes in Dubai Marina is Breaking Bread. In addition to freshly made bread and French pastries, this café serves some of Dubai’s best coffee. Thus, this is the spot to go if you want to have a great time in Dubai Marina with friends, family, and coworkers. 

Breaking Bread takes great pride in using only the best coffee beans and hiring top-notch baristas. The cafe talks about a whole other world while serving a choice of snacks and meals. 

The most lively spot in the Dubai Marina region has been made possible by the existence of this excellent cafe. And there’s no better way to take in the view of the stunning Dubai Marina while sipping coffee and a freshly cooked croissant.

The Scene

Try The Scene, an elegant restaurant with a British flair, for a lavish English breakfast in Dubai Marina. Black tea and scones are served alongside an extensive, authentically British breakfast buffet at The Scene.

A sociable dining room on the fourth floor of Pier 7, The Scene is a terrific spot to catch up with friends and family. In addition, the Scene serves a delectable lunch buffet that features all from seafood to salads. The vista is the only thing that surpasses the cuisine at the Scene.

When visiting the Dubai Marina area, this is the perfect way to start or end your day.

Cafe Bateel

Situated in the center of Marina Walk, Café Bateel is the first café with an Arabic influence. It’s among the Dubai Marina’s more distinctive cafés.

This quaint café with the Bateel brand serves a large assortment of breakfast specialties. It offers an open kitchen concept, a modern take on a casual eating setting, and reasonably priced Middle Eastern and Lebanese food.

Start your day with their delectable Levantine plate, which includes labneh, cheese, and olives along with thick Arabic bread, a classic Umbrian dish. Aside from sampling regional specialties, Café Bateel offers a variety of gift boxes that you can buy to bring home.

Because Café Bateel is located so near to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club events area, it may also be rented out as a private place for parties and functions. 

EETEN Urban Kitchen

The Dubai Marina mall is home to the café/restaurant EETEN Urban Kitchen. It provides a variety of mouthwatering breakfast options. From those with sweet tooths to those who are health-conscious, its menu has something for everyone.

Try a range of freshly baked breads and pastries, precisely cooked hash browns, fluffy poached eggs with mashed avocado, and several egg varieties.

You can select from delectable breakfasts, lunch, and dinner selections, including crispy fried fish & chips or Italian-style spaghetti, because they are open all day.

Their triumph-filled cinnamon brioche bun, fruity granola bowls with Greek yogurt and honey, and traditional buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup are all delicious options for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

Naturally, EETEN’s coffee is also highly recommended, featuring a chic foam pattern.

Counter Culture Café

Another great café where you may eat a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options is Counter Culture Café. It’s among the greatest spots for a superb pizza or a relaxed breakfast.

Counter Culture Cafe effortlessly holds its position as one of the greatest breakfast cafes in Dubai Marina owing to its modern and light interior design. Your visit will be enjoyable thanks to their large assortment of hot and cold beverages as well as their sweet treat choices.

Additionally, a comprehensive breakfast buffet featuring classic items like eggs, bacon, and sausages is available. Let’s say, however, that you feel like trying something else. If so, fantastic cocktails and bubbly are also available at Counter Culture Café. just a short walk from the Dubai Marina metro station.

City Port Café

Situated in one of Dubai Marina Walk’s most well-known locations, City Port Cafe provides a calm, comfortable, and welcoming setting for you and your loved ones to enjoy a cup of coffee. Not only is this café open all day, but its seafood selection is the largest on this list.

If you’re searching for a café that provides a little bit more than pastries and breakfast fare, City Port café is an excellent option. They provide you with a sizzling menu card so you may select the items and drinks you want.

One of the nicest cafes in Dubai Marina for couples to unwind and cherish their time together is this one. Therefore, City Port Café is worth a visit whether you’re seeking for a location to gather with friends or somewhere to spend a romantic evening in silence.

Ultra Brasserie

The main idea behind Ultra Brasserie is to blend classic flavors with contemporary culinary trends.

Enjoy freshly baked goods and pastries every day at this café along with a delicious cup of coffee. Ultra Brasserie takes emphasis in providing reasonably priced, locally sourced products.

At the Marina location, you can take in the breathtaking views of the Dubai Marina while sitting inside or outside. Ultra Brasserie offers tasty, calorie-conscious food and drinks to satisfy even the healthiest palate.

Ultra Brasserie is sure to become one of your favorite marina cafés, with an ever-changing menu and an abundance of delicious alternatives.

Bistro des Arts

The Bistro des Arts, housed in the Dubai Marina Mall, will enchant breakfast aficionados with its genuine French fare. It provides a delectable assortment of fruit salads, cereals, toast, smoothies, and organic eggs. 

You won’t be able to leave without eating their crispy, light pancakes topped with a variety of toppings, such as banana, Nutella, or salted caramel. This is one of the greatest spots to have breakfast in Dubai Marina because of the lovely views of the marina, which round off the meal.