Dubai Marina Walk restaurants serve as a doorway for people who are ravenous and enjoy fine dining in a vibrant setting. There’s a reason why so many foreigners call Dubai Marina home: it’s home to an abundance of eateries and bars.

The top locations for food on the Dubai Marina Walk are listed here and arranged for your convenience.

Asia Asia

Asia Asia has a reputation for being among the greatest restaurants in Dubai Marina because it understands that sushi cravings are serious business. To make your meal experience unique, the casual dining lounge offers a stunning view of the marina.

 Just be prepared if you begin to see dreams about Wagyu beef gyozas and fish marinated in soy. Some of the most popular dishes to order here are sushi, seafood, tempura, crispy duck, salmon carpaccio, and chicken satay. 

While enjoying meals with your loved ones, you can’t help but take in the opulent structures and boats that are visible from this location. It has valet parking and a staff that is pleasant. 

La Carnita

La Carnita is the best option for Mexican food if you’re looking for it in Dubai Marina. La Carnita is a fashionable Marina place that exudes a Spanish city break ambiance. Meals there are usually boisterous. It opened at the Intercontinental Dubai Marina’s basement and is furnished with warehouse aesthetics.

The menu offers huevos rancheros, spicy fries, cali salad, and a variety of chips and dips.

Not to mention, its brunch, which has bartop dancers performing to some of the best hip-hop songs from the 1990s and early 2000s, is quite the show. 

Its idea is more about sharing excellent Mexican food than it is about creating a stylish, industrial ambiance. 

Barasti Beach

At Barasti Beach, sun worshippers, foodies, and sports enthusiasts may all gather together to enjoy the beach. Come game day, the vibe is usually electric, and with so many indoor and outdoor areas that comprise this bustling beach bar, you can almost always find a seat as long as you get there early.

Located on the shore, it provides a broad perspective on all sides, showcasing the striking contrast between the brilliant blue Arabian Sea and Dubai’s tall buildings. 

Having said that, the main attraction is usually the large screen front and center. Barasti Beach Bar is well-known among locals and vacationers alike for its affordable cocktails.

The Scene

The best restaurant at Pier 7 is also the most family-friendly; it serves traditional British pub fare with a whimsical twist.  Under the direction of renowned chef Simon Rimmer, the cuisine offers traditional British fare as well as comfort food with a nostalgic touch. 

A location with mismatched seats and tables, old lampshades, and cozy sofas that make for a charming setup; the quirky décor and wall-mounted Beano cartoons were created with Instagram in mind. Savor a quick 15-minute lunch with your favorite bottle of vino, a long, languid supper, or a snack at the bar. 

Furthermore, even if you’re coming here for an early dinner, there’s a good bustle because of its position near Dubai Marina.

Indigo by Vineet

Indigo by Vineet, the older of chef Vineet Bhatia’s two Marina-based restaurants, received a complete makeover back in 2021, giving it an exquisite yet fun aesthetic. Indigo by Vineet is the restaurant to check out if you’re looking for traditional Indian cuisine with a modern touch.  

Even though a dinner here is pricey, it’s well worth it for the refined classics that are influenced by some of Dubai Marina’s greatest restaurants and the best street food that India has to offer. 

Vineet Bhatia, a Michelin-starred chef, has created a varied cuisine for this restaurant, which is housed in the five-star Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai Marina. We are talking about food that is mostly cooked in a stew pot, grill, clay oven, and griddle.


Located in the center of the Dubai Marina community, Wagamama is one of those dining establishments that offers picturesque views of the waterfront.

 It is renowned for providing mouthwatering Japanese fare, including ramen and steaming gyozas. The eatery is perfect for those who want a hearty and well-balanced breakfast.

It offers items such mini-English meals, avocado on toast, eggs benedict, omelets with a Japanese twist, apple & goji berry breakfast pancakes, and mini-egg on bread. There is enough for the whole family to enjoy, including the delicious lunch and dinner options.


Bussola, an award-winning restaurant at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, offers a classic Italian menu. Pizza tastes have always been very personal, but we can all agree that Bussola is among the greatest places to have pizza in Dubai. 

It provides visitors with a distinctive 3-in-1 concept that lets them eat in different surroundings. Perched above the main Bussola restaurant, this charming pizzeria offers pristine views of the Arabian Gulf along with an equally delicious array of shared appetizers and salads. 

Experience gourmet dining with traditional meals from northern to southern Italy and savor wood-fired pizza in a laid-back setting. 

Marina Social

Marina Social is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a classy dining experience in a laid-back social setting. One of the well-known eateries in Dubai Marina, it was opened by British chef Jason Atherton.

Marina Social is among the restaurants in the Dubai Marina that offer a picturesque view of the waterfront with the busy marina in the foreground. The location offers guests a nice view of Dubai Marina and is decorated in a modern style. It features a separate dessert bar as well as an eating counter. 

They feature an intriguing menu with a “feed me” option wherein their skilled chefs prepare meals for you based on your hunger and price range, ranging from four to six courses. Their sourdough flatbreads and goat cheese churros are all-time favorites.


This is a great restaurant in Dubai Marina, serving the greatest Turkish and international fare. A wide variety of cuisine is served buffet style. You can always find a meal that appeals to you, regardless of your preferences. It is intended for people who enjoy trying new foods. 

This Turkish restaurant in Dubai Marina specializes on serving the most well-known and well-liked Turkish foods, including kebab, cold mezzes or choices, and desserts. An unlimited buffet featuring high-quality appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. A large assortment of vegetarian options is also available. 

Turquoise Restaurant is a great place to have lunch or supper with family, friends, or a partner because of its cozy and personal atmosphere.


The best Italian restaurant in Dubai Marina is Leonardo, which aims to transport patrons to the Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth century.

Diners enjoy a distinctively upgraded eating experience as they are transported to the Renaissance era by the gorgeous Italian-style décor that honors Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings.

Their interpretation of Italian food is unparalleled. A vast array of traditional Italian dishes, such as rich Pollo Alla Cacciatora and pasta and risotto, are available on the menu. It is the greatest choice if you like to experience the taste of Tuscan food, which is representative of Italy.

You must go to Dubai Marina’s top Italian restaurant to ensure your meal is unforgettable.

The Marina walk is an almost ideal early morning run, even though it can get crowded with commuters in the evenings. The Marina walk is a loop that is 8 km (5.3 miles) long with trails on both sides. You can make a shorter loop by crossing three roads over the marina.

Everyone can enter Marina Walk Dubai without paying a fee.

Dubai Marina is a waterfront city with some of the world's largest residential structures framing the emerald-green waterways. Jumeirah Beach Residence, a neighborhood unto itself and the entryway from Dubai Marina to the beach, is located immediately next door.