Are you a seafood enthusiast who enjoys exploring the city’s various seafood eateries? Dubai has a long coastline and some of the best seafood restaurants in the world.

The top seafood restaurants in Dubai have been compiled by Vigor Tourism, which offers everything from cozy beach shacks to upscale eateries with views of the Arabian Gulf.


Alici seafood restaurant in dubai
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The waterfront restaurant Alici, which takes its cues from the Amalfi coast, feels like a quaint family-run trattoria on the Italian coast. It is situated on Bluewaters Island. Alici offers the perfect atmosphere for a seafood dinner, combining fresh, excellent cuisine with a stunning view of the sea. 

The brunch is also highly recommended, with dishes arriving in waves and a raw bar including fresh seabass, tuna tartare, and oysters from nearby Dibba Bay. 

More than 250 premium brands from the most recognized wine areas in the world are represented in Alici’s wine selection.  

The food is excellent, the staff is kind but not intrusive, and the prices of the meals are reasonable despite not being very low.

Seagrill Bistro

seagrill seadfood restaurant
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The stylish seafood restaurant Seagrill Bistro has a view of Dubai Marina in the distance as well as Fairmont The Palm’s exclusive beachfront. 

With stunning views of the sea, this contemporary Mediterranean café serves platters of quality meats, fresh seafood, and soft grill favorites. 

With two tiers of tender mussels, oysters, salmon sashimi, an assortment of crab, and an offering of smoking dry ice, the seafood board is a hit from the start. It will definitely make an impression on Instagram. 

Enjoy a meal at the charming restaurant, unwind under the bright lights at the recently established “Vodka Bar” on Seagrill Islands, or lounge next to the real wood-burning BBQ pit complete with grills and smokers.

Aprons & Hammers

aprons and hammers seafood restaurant
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This eatery on the beach has won several awards, so get ready to get dirty. This fine dining establishment serves delectable seafood dishes with unique herbs and blends. There are aprons, hammers, and even gloves available to let you fully enjoy your food. 

They have knives, pliers, hammers, and other similar equipment to crack and bash your way through in order to provide the guests with an unforgettable meal. You battle over whoever gets the final piece of the buckets of crab and prawns that are brought to the table. 

Apart from its mouthwatering seafood, the restaurant serves a variety of veggie and meat dishes. 

Thus, this is the ideal location for any crab enthusiasts searching for a seafood restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah.

The Fish Taverna

It’s easy to understand why Fish has grown to be one of the city’s most romantic locations with its beachside location, whitewashed fit-out, and twinkling lights. 

The Fish menu features signature shared platters such salads, tzatziki, dressed octopus, seafood, salmon, sea bass, calamari, mussels, pasta dishes, and others.

With seating directly on the beach, you can taste Mediterranean, Greek, and Turkish fusion cuisine at the restaurant while dipping your feet in the sand. 

The main course focuses on grills and casseroles, and Fish’s chefs may grill fish that is freshly caught to order right in front of the visitors. 

Whether organizing a special event at one of their private table settings, enjoying a sunset beverage at the bar, or dining beneath the famous Teepee, Fish Dubai will wow you.


Ossiano seafood restaurant
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Have you ever pondered what eating at the ocean’s bottom would be like? You can actually get that experience when you eat at Ossiano.  Ossiano, a Michelin-starred seafood restaurant in Dubai, always makes guests speechless. 

Famous for hosting special events, it’s additionally among the priciest restaurants in the entire city.  The most breathtaking views of an aquarium, with over 65,000 fish, can be seen directly from the dining area thanks to the floor-to-ceiling walls. There are a plethora of à la carte alternatives and chef’s specials to choose from. 

We suggest starting with the oysters and then ordering from one of the on-site tasting menus. Enjoy a range of seafood dishes at one of the best restaurants in Dubai while watching sharks swim by your table. This is one of the restaurants with best view in Dubai

Sardina Seafood Restaurant

Sardina seafood restaurant
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Like other Seafood restaurants in Dubai, the Sardina Seafood Restaurant offers fresh fish and crabs that are served cold. 

A sophisticated atmosphere, inventive desserts, and a menu to please every pallet. The freshest ingredients, well seasoned, and served hot are the main priorities here. 

The fish selection at the restaurant is enormous, and they also provide guidance on preparing it. The finest ingredients are used to ensure that their award-winning chefs flawlessly prepare every meal. 

These mouthwatering delicacies go well with a variety of drinks that are available for purchase. Forget about setting down your spoons and forks for even a moment.

MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill

Visitors may enjoy some of Dubai’s greatest seafood, freshly caught, at the MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill. 

Aside from providing fresh fish and “steamers,” this award-winning seafood restaurant in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residences neighborhood is more than just your typical beach brasserie—it also has a raw bar with seafood towers. 

Naturally, the restaurant’s hallmark dish—oysters—is the centerpiece of the menu, but you must not stop there. Additionally, there are several seafood selections, such as clam soup, fish tacos, and lobster rolls. 

One of the best seafood-eating experiences in the city is enhanced by the excellent wine selection offered here. So sit inside and enjoy the view of their expansive, freshly produced-filled show kitchen.

Dampa Seafood Grill

It’s usually hard to choose a favorite dish at this best seafood restaurant in Dubai Deira because it serves such a wide variety of delicious and fresh seafood. Bring on the seafood feast of a different kind with an invitation from Dampa Seafood Grill. 

The ‘seafest dump’ dish at the restaurant is modeled after the boodle fight dining custom of the Filipino military, in which a bucket-load of heavily seasoned seafood is placed upon freshly steamed rice on a paper-covered table.

 Its wide variety of cuisines has earned it a reputation as one of the greatest Filipino seafood restaurants in Dubai. Both the drink assortment and the other menu items seem intriguing. 


For a variety of reasons, Pierchic is among Dubai’s top seafood restaurants. Beatrice Segoni, the head chef, has done a superb job of fusing her creative and fashion background with fine dining to produce memorable experiences for patrons! 

Long regarded as one of Dubai’s most romantic dining establishments, the expansive windows let in mild coastal breezes, and the nautical atmosphere is further enhanced with crystal chandeliers in the shape of fishing nets. 

Meal costs are typically in the “bucket list group,” but the quality is commensurate. Seared scallops with mushrooms, ginger, carrots, and hazelnuts are a must-try. We suggest visiting on a Friday or Saturday to sample a variety of cuisines.


A premier seafood restaurant, Rockfish is the perfect place to eat raw bar fare, fresh fish, and slow-cooked line fish at any time of day. 

Under the direction of head Chef Marco Garfagnini, Rockfish combines Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, emphasizing flavor infusion to give a variety of seafood dishes vibrancy and freshness. 

Come have an incredible seafood feast while taking in the lovely scenery and festive atmosphere. Starters like tuna tartare with crackling saffron rice or grilled langoustine with lentil puree will delight customers with flavors reminiscent of classic Italian comfort food.  

Order their chef’s pick, which features freshly caught fish that has been thinly sliced and seasoned in oil, lemon, and an assortment of seasonings, if you’re feeling really decadent.


Authentic seafood restaurant Moana, located next to Sofitel The Palm’s outdoor pool, offers a feast of fresh seafood cooked utilizing pan-Asian methods. The restaurant combines a variety of cuisines from Peru, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and India.

Start by eating some sushi and sashimi, then move on to the ceviche and house specialties, which include Thai, Indian, and Singaporean curries. 

Savor grilled king prawns, soft-shell crab, pan-seared scallops, crustacean cocktail, and much more. Highlights of the food options include grilled chicken anticucho, street truck ceviche, salmon criollo, and an on-site sushi bar.

For lovers of seafood and Asian cuisine, Moana is a must-visit place because of its expertly prepared menu, skilled chefs, and serene environment. Just don’t forget to leave space for dessert.


One of the best places in the world to find seafood restaurants is Dubai. The greatest seafood restaurants in Dubai have it all, including live displays, shucked oysters, lobster linguine, and Levantine-style grilled fish.

The most delectable and tasty fish in Dubai is cobia.

Rice, fish, and meat are the three main ingredients of Emirati cooking. The preferred meats are lamb and mutton as opposed to camel, cattle, and goat flesh. Typically, dates are eaten with food.