Dubai is an ardent adherent of the Islamic faith. Here, everything is always in king size. You name it—lifestyle, architecture, automobiles, etc. 

Another noticeable aspect of Dubai is that it not only lavishly observes Islamic holidays but also holidays from other religions. Whether it’s Christmas or Diwali, everything is done on a grand scale. It respects all religions equally.

The biggest and most well-known events and festivals in Dubai are listed here.

Dubai Shopping Festival :

Anyone who enjoys shopping? Everyone will undoubtedly be up, at least for window-shopping. Dubai, the City of Gold, is renowned for its incredible retail centers. And they have established themselves as a popular tourist destination.

Regardless of how upscale the brand is, DSF gives everybody and everyone the chance to go shopping. The joys don’t stop with shopping, though. Every mall hosts numerous scheduled food-related activities, including concerts, tournaments, parades, ramp walks, etc. 

Every major business, from home appliances to the newest fashions, has begun offering a significant holiday discount. This event, which lasts for more than a month and is one of the best winter festivals in the United Arab Emirates, is a paradise for shopaholics.

Islamic New Year :

Al-Hijra is the name of the New Year in the Islamic Calendar. The Hijri calendar, often known as the lunar Islamic calendar, determines all Islamic holidays. 

The first day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar and the second-holiest month after Ramadan, occurs on that day. 

The beginning of the Islamic lunar year is marked by this important religious and cultural holiday. It’s a season for introspection, prayer, and spending time with loved ones and family. Depending on the Islamic lunar calendar, this festival’s date can change.


New Year’s Eve :

One of the most important events in Dubai is its New Year’s Eve celebration, which has become increasingly well-known around the world in recent years and attracts millions of tourists from all over the globe. Dubai comes alive with lavish events on New Year’s Eve, providing visitors a wide range of alternatives, including upmarket restaurants, dinner cruises, and glitzy rooftop parties against the gorgeous cityscape. 

The glittering New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dubai are too beautiful to be contained in just one place; this metropolis is best appreciated from numerous angles, with a wealth of things to do. This is one of the best events in Dubai to enjoy in December. 

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Dubai Film Festival :

One of the largest film festivals in Dubai and the Middle East, the Dubai International Film Festival is usually held in November or December. It draws movies from other as well as the Arab world.  

Numerous A-list Hollywood actors, manufacturers, and directors attend screenings hosted throughout the city over the festival, which draws movie aficionados from all over the region and Europe.  

It is held in three to four upscale venues throughout the city and draws a large number of interns, volunteers, spectators, cinephiles, and celebrities. Conferences, Q&A sessions, lectures, and special appearances are also held there.

Dubai World Cup :


Each year, the Meydan Racecourse hosts the Dubai World Cup horse races. The race known as the richest race in the world has a $35 million prize pool. The world’s best-bred horses, riders, and trainers compete in the exhilarating race at the racetrack. 

The event attracts locals and visitors because of its first-rate amenities and thrilling atmosphere.

The World Cup night features eight distinct dirt races (including a purebred Arabian race) before the championship race takes place at the Meydan Race Course in Dubai, which is technically a 10-furlong dirt race for thoroughbred horses. 

Dubai Marathon :

An annual marathon that draws thousands of participants is the Dubai Marathon. This marathon features three different races: 3 KM, 10 KM, and 50 KM. It is another thrilling UAE Festival. 

Due to the low registration price, people travel from all over the world to participate in this lovely event.  This Marathon event attracts a huge number of participants. It was recognized as the world’s most lucrative marathon event in 2008.

For the marathon and the races, which are conducted primarily in January, one must register online. It is the biggest mass gathering in the Middle East and draws well over thousands of people from the area and around the world.

Dubai International Boat Show :

The Dubai International Boat Show hosts the biggest boating and lifestyle event in the Middle East each year. The occasion provides a wide variety of outdoor activities to draw guests from all walks of life. 

Additionally, it features stands from well-known boat industry brands. The VIPs attending the boat show are welcome to view the exhibition at the Marina Art Gallery. Reputable artworks from top international galleries have been chosen for it. 

The festival also includes fly board competitions and watersports communities. It is one of the most upscale events in Dubai and features expensive yachts from across the world.


Al Gaffal Dhow Race :

An annual celebration known as the Al Gaffal Dhow Race recalls Dubai’s past and promotes the city’s main industry, pearl excavating. 

Dhows are indigenous traditional boats that were originally utilized by local fisherman to dive for pearls. 

Most Emiratis who attend this event do so because it makes them feel proud of their country. As all the Dhows’ crew members must be Emiratis and the majority of the crowd gathered to see them sail, nationalistic pride is particularly evident in this event.

Art Dubai :

Every March, Art Dubai, which is recognized as one of the most internationally diversified art fairs, showcases both established and up-and-coming artists. 

Three categories—Contemporary, Modern, and Residents—define the gallery. The Global Art Forum, the largest art conference in the Gulf, is also held there. 

The exhibition attracts more than 28,000 visitors from throughout the globe.  The conference attracts writers, curators, leaders, and artists from all around the world.

Dubai Jazz Festival :

This sparkling jazz festival, which takes place in Dubai, features some of the biggest names in jazz and mainstream music. One of the few jazz festivals that take place in the area is this one. 

This yearly festival of music in the area has frequently featured legends like Duran Duran, John Legend, and Ricky Martin.

It spans more than 50 years of musical history and includes Grammy Award winners, Legendary musicians, and some highly regarded Jazz and Contemporary Music ensembles. 

Tickets will soon be available in advance of the festival. When the tickets go on sale, subscribers to the official website will be notified.


Eid, one of the most significant religious celebrations in Dubai, celebrates the conclusion of the fast-observance month of Ramadan for all Muslims. Everywhere throughout the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Eid is observed on the day after the evening when the moon is visible in the sky.

The two most important Islamic holidays are Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha, which are observed by Muslims everywhere. The holy month of Ramadan comes to a conclusion on Eid Al Fitr, while Eid Al Adha honors Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to offer his son as a sacrifice to God