Dubai offers a ton to make your vacation the best one yet, from breathtaking views to luxurious hotels, desert safaris to beaches, and indoor-outdoor activities to unrivaled shopping. 

Although the city is friendly all year round, December is the greatest time to visit because of the relatively cooler weather and the abundance of events and festivities.

Dubai is best visited in December, when temperatures range from 26°C to 14°C, making it the ideal time to be outside exploring the city. 

Visit Dubai in the winter to take benefit of the wonderful weather, amazing savings, and festive atmosphere. Let us look into the various things to do in Dubai in December!

Miracle Garden in Dubai

Miracle Garden Dubai

With the temperature dropping, it’s the ideal moment for the Dubai Miracle Garden to bloom again. Get immersed in this Dubai garden’s colorful floral blossoms this month. 

This must-see exhibit has more than a million flowers carved into stunning dioramas! Global Village, a massive carnival with nations from all over the world showing their culture, cuisine, and entertainment, is another seasonal sight well worth visiting. 

Some of the coolest things to do in Dubai in December include being in awe of enormous installations and uploading tons of images from these mysterious sights to social media.

Dubai Creek

Creek Dubai

Travel along the Dubai Creek on a real wooden Dhow to experience the city’s true spirit as cutting-edge innovations coexist with old-world Bedouin charm. 

The 14-kilometre-long natural Dubai creek, known as Khor Dubai, runs from the Arabian Gulf to the city. It’s not just a peaceful place to stroll in Dubai and enjoy the breeze it provides. It also has a variety of regional dining establishments, entertainment options, and other Dubai attractions that visitors and locals will enjoy.

Due to the city’s festive decor, the views during the two-hour cruise are greatly improved in December.

Dubai Beaches

kite beach

The beaches are attractive due to the drop in temperature, and if you enjoy relaxing in the sun while adding a dash of action, travel to the beaches close to Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina for thrilling water sports adventures. 

Regarding aquatic sports, you have various delights to discover, from jet skiing to flyboarding to taking a doughnut ride with family and friends. While you’re there, take in the spectacular views of Dubai City!

Skydive Dubai

Sky dive Dubai

Skydive is regarded as one of the top aerial sports in the world, making it the perfect cure for any adrenaline junkie. As your instructor assumes control, let go of all your fears and enjoy the view of Dubai’s famous Jumeirah Palm or the Arabian Desert as you free-fall into the air.

One of the top skydiving organizations in the world, Skydive Dubai has a stellar reputation for security and knowledge. Be at ease knowing that when you go skydiving with Skydive Dubai, you are in the capable hands of skilled skydivers who have completed thousands of jumps.

Visit a Theme Park

Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

Families can enjoy themselves with their kids at outdoor theme parks during the month of December. At Aquaventure Water Park, LEGOLAND Water Park, Wild Wadi Water Park, or Laguna Water Park, you can splash around all day. 

You may spend the day at Dubai Parks & Resorts experiencing three different action-packed theme parks and a water park that are great for both kids and adults. 

Al Nakheel Park, Safa Park, and Zabeel Park are just a few wonderful parks and gardens in the Emirates. Aventura Park and The Block Park are great options for teens and preteens seeking adventurous entertainment.

Desert Safari

Deserts Safari

With just one safari ticket, you may enjoy the ideal mix of 4×4 off-road adventures, a look at the old nomadic Bedouin culture, authentic Emirati feasts, wildlife sightings, and much more.

Explore the allure of quad bikes, camel rides, belly dancers, traditional Arabic cuisine, henna tattoos, and other activities as you traverse the stunning vastness of the Arabian Desert. 

The best part is that December allows you to experience all this and more in a cooler, less humid environment.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai mall

You cannot possibly skip shopping in Dubai. The Dubai Shopping Festival, a major yearly shopping event where visitors may shop at incredible savings and even join raffles and lucky draws to win obscenely lavish prizes, notably attracts shopaholics to December.

The holiday season is in full swing in December, and the malls are packed with entertaining events for children as well as fashion exhibits and live concerts.

Additionally, there are a variety of holiday specials available at hotels and restaurants throughout the Emirates with mouthwatering cuisine on their menus.

Dubai in December is the place to come if you wish to take part in some retail therapy and food therapy.

National Day Festival

UAE national day

On National Day, Dubai experiences its highest level of patriotism ever. Stunning fireworks light up the sky and UAE flags are proudly flown everywhere.

United Arab Emirates citizens gather on December 2nd of each year to commemorate the independence and unity of their country.

National Day in Dubai is one of the greatest times to be in the city, with everything from traditional dances to contemporary performances and events!

Burj Khalifa NYE Fireworks

Burj khalifa fireworks

The Burj Khalifa is the best location to be on New Year’s Eve! People go from all over to see this one-of-a-kind event, which features an amazing fireworks display that lights up the night sky.

There are many excellent places to view the performance, but nothing compares to being right in the middle of it and experiencing those enchanted flashes of light and sound firsthand.

La Perle's Christmas Aqua Acrobatic Show

This year, the famous Franco Dragone goes above and beyond to perform breathtaking aqua acrobatics at La Perle. 

A massive aqua stage with around 2 million gallons of water is here 65 gifted artists execute breathtaking aerial performances and stunts. 

More interest is added by cascading waterfalls, streams, and refreshing water features. The quick-paced acrobatics, 25-meter-high dives, and imaginative costumes create a spectacular show.

Take advantage of the Christmas special!

The Great British Christmas Ball

The 2023 edition of the British Business Group’s big annual Great British Christmas Ball will occur on December 7 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM. 

After the enjoyable festivities, savor a classic British Christmas dinner with a yule log and Christmas pudding. 

Don’t miss this yearly Christmas ball with customary dancing and British etiquette if you adore everything British. You’ll experience an English night for sure!

Celebrations For Christmas At Atlantis The Palm

Get ready for Atlantis The Palm’s celebration of the New Year, which will be the most magnificent yet. The Atlantis becomes a beautiful winter wonderland. The Festive Village has traditional foods and snacks. 

Atlantis’ many award-winning restaurants will prepare Grand feasts. Additionally, Poseidon’s Court’s Santa’s Elf Workshop will keep the small ones occupied while supplying them with delectable delicacies. 

The festivities start on December 1 and last until January 28.

Dubai spends lavishly on some of the most opulent Christmas and New Year celebrations ever witnessed.  Dubai’s busiest months are December and January, so to prevent delays, plan your itinerary in advance and make your reservations early. This way, you won’t forget to do anything. Pre-purchasing tickets at numerous attractions can also shorten lines and earn you savings.


December brings in nice weather, making it a great time to go sightseeing and engage in outdoor activities. Dubai experiences temperature swings between 26°C and 14°C in December.

There are several holiday events to anticipate in December besides the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can enjoy holiday foods from around the world in Dubai, from themed afternoon teas and dinners to unique Christmas Day brunches. Dubai is home to more than 200 distinct nationalities.

Visitors visiting Dubai in December may take in the glitzy decorations, Christmas music, street performers, circus acts, Santa sightings, and seasonal treats like mulled wine and gingerbread.

The week between Christmas and New Year's in Dubai is one of the busiest of the year due to the pleasant weather in December and the fact that it is also, like much of the world, a time of year when schools are off.

From June to August. Even the evenings suffer heat waves as the temperatures climb and the humidity reaches an all-time high. Avoid these months while organising your trip to Dubai, assuming that staying in your hotel room is not your intended course of action.

In terms of prices, December in Dubai is perhaps one of the most unpredictable months. It goes without saying that during the holiday season, prices soar.