There are plenty of entertaining things to keep kids occupied throughout the sweltering summer months in Dubai because the city stands far and high above many others in its capacity to cater to both indoor and outdoor activities.

Worlds of Adventure by IMG

img world Dubai

Visit IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of Dubai’s top indoor activities and the biggest indoor theme parks in the world. This fully air-conditioned playground is available to guests of all ages throughout the year. 

While older children can explore the intriguing world of Marvel and interact with their heroes, such as Spider-Man, the Avengers, Iron Man, and Thor, younger children can embark on thrilling adventures with well-known characters like Ben 10, Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, and LazyTown.


lego land dubai

Motiongate, Legoland, and Legoland Water Park are just a few of the enormous theme parks that call Dubai Parks and Resorts, an exciting maze, home. Miniland at Legoland, an air-conditioned area where 20 million LEGO bricks were utilized to reproduce Dubai’s famous skyline and other landmarks, is just one of the many indoor attractions here. 

Additionally, there is a Legoland Hotel on the property that is entirely immersive and has fanciful suites, play areas, and creative workshops.

The Green Planet

Green planet Dubai

The Green Planet, located in City Walk’s lifestyle area, recreates a tropical rainforest in the middle of Dubai. In this living museum, which is housed in a bio-dome built around the largest artificial tree in the world that can support itself, you can see 3,000 different species of exotic plants, birds, reptiles, and other creatures. 

Little ones will enjoy the lively ecology, with many educational components woven together. Remember to snap a photo with the adorable, dozing sloths.

Precision Football

Precision football

Precision Football, a brand-new cutting-edge football facility in Ibn Battuta mall, is the ideal location for your football-crazy kids to hone their skills this summer. Precision Football features everything a prospective soccer star may need, including UEFA-qualified trainers, indoor and outdoor smart fields, tech-driven training areas, and indoor and outdoor smart pitches.

Enjoying La Perle Show

Do you wish to have a sophisticated evening with a special someone? Then you should definitely reserve your seat to see La Perle, a surreal performance that will mesmerize you.

In this episode, a girl wanders through the United Arab Emirates to pursue a pearl after being trapped in a dream. Amazing storytelling approaches, such as performances, technology, music, and visuals, are used to tell the story.

Admire the artwork in Alserkal Avenue

Would you like to spend the evening looking at art or perhaps visiting a shoe or jewelry factory? All of it is on Alserkal Avenue.

This area is a creative hub that houses the work of numerous international and local artists. It is an open-air zone with many inside galleries and warehouses. A distinctive blend of visual art, music, fashion, cuisine, and cultural events can be found there.

Additionally, the jamjar art space offers a variety of art courses for people of all ages. Therefore, whenever you’re seeking for some incredible indoor activities in Dubai, simply go there and have a blast!

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai

Dubai aquarium

Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in the world, to observe spectacular marine life. View over 300 creatures such as rays and sharks in the largest suspended tank in the world while you take in the splendour of nature’s underwater display from a distance. 

Explore the 48-meter walk-through tunnel for a closer look, or for the ultimate rush, jump in and feed the sharks for yourself!

Making a trip to the Museum of Illusions

museum of illusions (2)

Do you want to spend some truly memorable time with friends and family? The Museum of Illusions is the place to go, where your intellect will undoubtedly be entertained even if your eyes are misled.

There, you’ll see people transforming into giants or dwarfs, while some have their friends’ heads on plates. Along with many other techniques, you can see your image in an endless array of mirrors.

If you still need to decide what to do indoors in Dubai, go there and enjoy a great time.

Reality Escape at VR Park

VR Park Dubai

Have you ever wanted to pilot your aircraft? Or perhaps undertaking a space mission to preserve the cosmos? What about taking your family out racing together?

These are no longer just dreams. In the best virtual reality park in the world, you may take part in these adventures and more. You’ve just discovered your next indoor adventure in Dubai, where you can temporarily escape reality.

Bounce & X Park

In addition to trampolining in Al Quoz, thrill-seekers can also enjoy the X-Park freestyle playground, a challenging course. The tasks, which include zip lines, boulder walls, and parkour, can be finished alone or in a circuit. The X-Park has a 125 cm minimum height requirement.

With varied rates for people over and under 110 cm and some limited places, Bounce Dubai is also ideal for your little bouncers as early as 3.

Ice-sliding at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Skiing at one of the most well-known locations in Dubai, Ski Dubai, is something you should do if you want to keep cool in the heat.

You can try constructing your own snowman, scaling buildings, or riding the Mountain Thriller, which whisks you up to 150 meters at a speed of 40k/h, in addition to skiing here.

This location offers some of the best indoor activities in Dubai for both adults and children, with snow everywhere and more penguins.

Air Maniax

air maniax dubai

For children 2 years of age and older, Air Maniax is a sizable inflatable indoor playground. It features an interactive warrior assault course for older children called the Mini Warrior Assault Course, as well as an inflatable arena with many activities like ZipZag and laser tag in the style of an arcade.

Various packages, including family passes, Lazer Frenzy of ZipZag alone, and 1- or 2-hour park entrance cards, are available in Al Quoz.

What are you waiting for now that we’ve shown you the best indoor activities Dubai has to offer? Prepare your loved ones and pals for some exciting excursions.