The United Arab Emirates is a multicultural nation that welcomes visitors, families, and businessmen from anywhere. The government enforces overstay fines to maintain a well-regulated visa system and guarantee that all citizens and tourists are authorized to remain in the country. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) may impose a tourist visa overstay fine.

Different Types of Visa Offered by UAE Visa online

14-Day Tourist Visa: Request a 14-day tourist visa to arrange a quick getaway to the United Arab Emirates. This visa is a good choice if you want to visit friends or family. Your stay is only 14 days out of the 58 days your visa is valid for.


30-Day Tourist Visa (Multiple entries or single entry): A 30-day tourist visa is a good choice if you want to visit friends or relatives who are residents of the United Arab Emirates while also seeing the country’s tourist attractions. A 30-day visa is possible for both single and repeated entries. 

The distinction between multiple and single entrance is that in the former case, you cannot return to the United Arab Emirates using the same visa after leaving the country. On the other hand, you are not prohibited from entering the UAE with multiple entries. 


90-Day Tourist Visa (multiple entries or one entry): If you see all that the country has to offer in just one month, you can get a 90-day UAE visa. This visa is essential for someone who is constantly eager to explore and loves adventure. With a 90-day visa, you can travel to the UAE for three months. You can dedicate ample time to every aspect of your trip planning during your three-month stay. 

When will my Visa Expire?

Tourist Visa Overstay Fine

Visa for travel or visitation

On the Visa Copy: If you apply for a visit or tourist visa directly through ICP, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA – Dubai), or a travel agency, you will normally receive an electronic copy of the approval via your registered email address. The expiration date, also known as the entry permit number, is mentioned explicitly on this copy of the visa, following the entry permit number, the date and location of issuance, and the visa number.

Resident visa 

  1. Visa sticker: If you have a resident visa and have just applied for or renewed it, you may need a visa stamp on your passport. In that case, you can check the date your visa is set to expire by glancing at your residence visa. By following these procedures, you can still verify the digital copy of your visa.
  2. Emirates ID – Since the processes for applying for a visa and an Emirates ID have been combined, your Emirates ID would also be a useful point of reference to verify the expiration date. See the expiration date on your Emirates ID. Additionally, your visa will expire on this date.
  3. On the internet: You can also verify the expiration date by going to the ICP website: 

How to pay a tourist visa overstay fine in UAE?

Remembering your visa expiration date, regardless of whether you have a long-term residency permit or a short-term tourist visa to the UAE is critical. Remember to submit your application for a change or renewal by the deadline. Should you neglect to do so, Tourist visa overstay fine will be incurred.

  1. Internet: The websites listed below allow you to pay the Tourist visa overstay fines:
  • ICP can be accessed via
  • GDRFA can be accessed at

Provide your visa information, and the system will display the penalty you must pay. You can pay the fines using a debit or credit card.

  1. Typing center: If you intend to file for a new visa or depart the country by paying the tourist visa overstay penalty, you can also go to a typing center registered with the ICP. The entire list of approved typing services in the United Arab Emirates can be found at this website:
  1. Amer Center: Amer Center handles immigration matters on behalf of the GDRFA in Dubai. The following website has a list of Amer Centers in Dubai:

The fines depended on the type of visa the perpetrator had previously held. Nonetheless, the fine for overstaying has been standardized due to reforms to the visa system that took effect in October 2022.

In the UAE, the Tourist visa overstay fine penalty is AED 50 per day, regardless of whether you are in the country on a tourist or residence visa. The new method equalizes the fine amount for all infractions. The fine includes any days spent requesting documentation or updating data.

Depending on their circumstances, holders of residency visas have a grace period of 60 to 180 days following the revocation of their visa to modify their status or depart the United Arab Emirates. If they linger past this time, they risk being arrested.


Some people have successfully requested a reduction or forgiveness of their overstay penalty by formally applying to the GDRFA. Give a detailed account of your situation, mentioning any strong justifications for your overstay.

The ICP has standardized the UAE's overstaying fines. The new visa regulations in the United Arab Emirates stipulate that the overstaying fines for visitation, tourist, and residency visas will henceforth be AED 50 per day. AED 50 (rather than AED 25) will be the daily penalty for overstaying a resident visa.

The overstaying fine is 100 AED per day plus 200 AED for an exit pass. Please be aware of this. If the overstay is shorter than 30 days, you can pay at GDRFA-D Headquarters or at the airports in DUBAI when you leave the country. Payment can only be made at GDRFA-D Headquarters if the delay exceeds thirty days.