Although Dubai is renowned for its thriving restaurant setting, Indian eateries in the city always hold a special place in the hearts of expats. Indian food is more than just food, after all! Food lovers worldwide would love to taste the flavours, textures, and colours that this cuisine delivers. 

Here are some of the top Indian restaurants in Dubai where you can eat like at home! Cheers to that!


Opao restaurant
zomato: opao restaurant

One of Mumbai’s most well-known street dishes is the modest vada pav, and this odd restaurant focuses on modernising the tradition.

A vada pav is a form of a slider, typically filled with potato dumplings. However, O’Pao offers a variety of inventive possibilities, including ones that are loaded with cottage cheese or minced mutton. Try the o’vada pao or the o’cheese burst vada pao if you want to stay classic.

The o’mutton khicha pao, which has soft, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork, is a must-order if you’re searching for something distinctive.

Tresind Dubai

tresind restaurant

Tresind is a restaurant in Dubai marina, dedicated to serving the best creative Indian food in Dubai, offers a delectably varied selection of appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts. Its tasting menu, however, distinguishes it from other Indian eateries in the area.

On the menu card’s pages, there is a part that reads, “Dishes will be provided in sharing portion.” 

The starter, entrée, and dessert on the tasting menu are all served in small yet scrumptious servings. The Bengali kosha mangsho, a mutton curry that puts Bengal on your plate, the Thai black rice appam, which is accompanied by a chicken Chettinad, and the morel lababdar, a rare mushroom flavoured with truffle oil tadka and garnished with a lotus crisp, are simply not to be missed. 

Calicut Paragon

calicut paragon
Zomato: Calicut Paragon

We suggest visiting this restaurant, which has branches in Karama and Al Nahda, if you’re seeking real cuisine from the south coast state of Kerala. Calicut Paragon is a Keralite eatery that debuted its first location in Dubai in 2005. It is well-known for its Malabari food offerings.

The biryani is well-known in and of itself, but you can’t go wrong with the appam, the classic fish moilee (a coconut milk stew), the warm buttery paratha from Kerala, or the beef ularthiyathu (stir-fry). You should try their filter coffee as well.

Carnival by Tresind

There’s no way we could take Carnival by Trèsind off our list as we’re here to encourage and facilitate your desire for the best Indian food in Dubai. There are many of options for both vegetarians and meat eaters at this upscale DIFC restaurant, and each dish is contemporary and inventive.

The restaurant’s eccentric surroundings, delicious food, and creative cocktails all come with a little surprise package.

Additionally, their tasting menu is fantastic and provides you a sample of all the delicacies they have expertly created. Their Ajmeri Kachoris are ideal for individuals who adore street cuisine, and their Pondicherry fish curry, which is prepared in a comforting concoction of fresh mango and coconut, is great for the soul. 

Bombay Brasserie

Bombay Brasserie is among our favourite Indian restaurants in Dubai. It is a sizable, vibrantly coloured, and well-furnished restaurant. At the Bombay Brasserie in Downtown Dubai, savor delectable Indian cuisine. This is the ideal meal location for you and your loved ones because of the breathtaking views of the Burj and the variety of options available.  

The cochin lobster curry, which features wonderfully cooked shellfish chunks in a creamy, mildly flavored coconut sauce, needs to be the first thing you order. You can follow it up with a finely made cocktail. Additionally, the restaurant’s lively decor, dramatic artwork, and open cooking experience give us even more reason to head there.


Zomato: Peppermil Restaurant

If you’re searching for a delicious lamb rogan josh, butter chicken, with chicken tikka masala, you know where to go because this restaurant in Dubai is renowned for its rich, decadent interpretations on traditional Indian cuisine. Try the towering shahi tukda, which is sandwiched between two slices of caramelized brioche, for dessert.

The locations in JLT and Dubai Festival City, for example, have outstanding outdoor seating areas with views that will enhance your dining experience. The décor is upmarket yet traditional.


At Armani/Amal, one of Dubai’s oldest Indian fine-dining establishments, glitz and fashion meet superb Indian cuisine. This restaurant is located in Dubai Mall with ideal setting for special occasions or merely dinner with your loved ones because it offers breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountain and a wide variety of exotic dishes to select from. 

We adore the elegantly sleek look and the dimly lighted spaces. It is a gloomy, elegant setting with cutting-edge cuisine, first-rate service, and fantastic views of the Dubai Fountain from its large terrace. At Armani Amal, savour authentic Indian cuisine while having a great experience.

Mint Leaf of London

The Indian restaurant Mint Leaf of London has developed a reputation as the best venue for a low-key celebration or a fancy night out. One of the city’s top Indian fine dining establishments is Mint Leaf. Everybody will find something they enjoy at this restaurant, from exotic meats and seafood to vegetarian and vegan selections. This is the greatest place to go because it is one of DIFC’s top eateries.

The restaurant has mostly avoided the molecular culinary craze and stayed true to its roots: delicious food with attractive presentation. The menu includes items like beef steak, pepper, and coconut masala, herb-crusted fried fish, cauliflower arancini, paneer pinwheel, and tandoori portobello.

Al Ustad

Al Ustad is both a well-kept secret and well-known for its genuine Persian kabab!

It boasts of delivering some of the greatest fresh kebab dishes in Dubai and is well-liked by residents and visitors—a true treat for any meat enthusiast.

The aromatic Special Kebab (also known as Kebab Khas), one of its most well-known kebabs, is presented right to your table with Iranian-style rice and a small piece of butter. It is marinated for hours in yoghurt before being freshly grilled. Both mutton and chicken are available, and everything is extremely reasonably priced.


This is one of the famous restaurants in downtown Dubai, named the Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai in 2019 by Time Out Dubai, serves cuisine with an international flair that is influenced by India. 

For a worldwide audience, the food reimagines Indian fare with dishes like butter chicken pizza, tamarind-bbq beef ribs, along with mushroom as well as truffle kichadi.

With menu items like Black Bass Ceviche and Bhatti Merguez, created by award-winning chef Prashant Chipkar, this modern restaurant is the ideal place to satiate all of your appetites.

Raju Omelet

raju omlet
Zomato: Raju Omlet

Thanks to its inventive selection of egg dishes, the breakfast favourite Raju Omlet has swiftly established itself in the UAE. The unique interior design and extensive cuisine are sure to leave you feeling overwhelmed.

If you want something different, try the eggs Kejriwal, which are a spicy version of the eggs Benedict. Along with a large selection of non-egg items (the keema biryani with spiced onions is a treat) and a mean cup of chai, there are also omelettes, scrambles, rolls, and curry alternatives available.


SpiceKlub is a terrific place if you want a side of drama with your dinner. Expect interesting serving options at the vegetarian restaurant, which provides sophisticated culinary interpretations of traditional Indian foods.

There are several options, ranging from pani puri served beside test tubes to pav bhaji fondue and naanza (naans topped with cheese). Try the trademark falooda or boiling kulfi before you quit dessert.

Celebrities like Zareen Khan, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, and Shah Rukh Khan frequently eat at Dubai's Al Ustad Special Kebabt. We suggest ordering the Mixed Grill Platter, Joojeh Kebabs, and Shish Kebabs from Al Ustad.

There are plenty of Indian restaurants in Dubai if you're searching for hearty comfort food or meat-eating delights. The streets of Dubai offer you a luxurious experience, including a culinary one and, of course, with an Indian touch.

Jumeirah Village Circle is a popular neighbourhood among Indian residents of Dubai due to its family-friendly atmosphere and selection of affordable housing alternatives.