Dubai has gained a reputation due to its abundance of interesting locations and events catering to a wide range of interests. 

If you live in Dubai and picture yourself enjoying a live experience while indulging in delectable food, look no further. We’ve put up a list of restaurants in Dubai that serve wonderful food and allow you to see your food being prepared before you, without any particular order.

Let us look at Vigor Tourism’s list of live cooking restaurants in Dubai:


Soffron restaurant
Instagram: SaffornBrunch

Saffron is an Asian-themed area in Atlantis. The Palm has twenty live cooking stations and an astounding 220 dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available, along with Southeast Asian, Indian, and seafood dishes.

At Saffron’s 2.0 live cooking stations, watch as a group of elite chefs chop, dice, sizzle, and stir as they prepare real Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine in front of you. Savor a delectable dinner buffet featuring live cooking stations and dishes inspired by Easter.

Saffron’s party brunch on Saturday is a great place to live it up. There’s an international buffet for breakfast and supper, and Saffron highlights different cuisines worldwide.

Miyako is a Japanese restaurant that is among the oldest in Dubai. It is well renowned for its genuine cuisine and hospitable personnel. The chefs at Miyako have extensive training and expertise. 

In addition, the restaurant features a bar where you may unwind with a drink while your meal is being prepared.   Visit Miyako restaurant to experience real Japanese food in a contemporary, light-filled, and atmospheric setting. 

Sample three real eating experiences: a small, intimate Tatami room, a sushi and sashimi bar, and a live Teppanyaki room.

Absolute Barbecues

live cooking restaurant in dubai
absolute barbecue website

Absolute Barbecues is the ideal alternative if you’re searching for a more affordable buffet or live cooking restaurant in Dubai that won’t break the bank. The entire experience includes built-in barbecues at the tables so you may grill your seafood and meats. You can order stir-fries with your preferred meats from live cooking stations.

This is a distinctive “do-it-yourself” dining experience where guests roast appetizers of meat, seafood, and vegetables on skewers according to their preferences at the table. A central “Wish Grill” that serves up unusual vegetables and game birds elevates the eating experience to a whole new level.


Izakiya restaurant
izakiya instagram

Izakaya, located on Bluewater Island, is another Japanese restaurant in Dubai where you can witness your food being prepared in front of your eyes. You can enjoy the best Teppanyaki in Dubai here, and the chef will entertain you with his live cooking demonstrations. 

The chef is happy to answer any questions you may have about the origins and cooking method of your food.  Savor sushi, teppanyaki, and real Japanese noodles, among other dishes. 

Get to know the cheerful Wasabi Girl, who makes wasabi at your table, or meet the very own Sake Boy of the izakaya, who visits your table to offer you a taste of the greatest sake in town. This live cooking restaurant in Dubai is definitely a must try!


Toshi live cooking restaurant Dubai

This Pan-Asian restaurant offers an endless buffet, live cooking stations, sharing menus, and live entertainment. It has it all. Every day of the week, they have themed nights, so you may choose the one that best fits your mood. 

Their skilled chefs will wow you with their dexterity as they cook your selection of seafood, luscious meats, succulent chicken, and crisp veggies in front of you.

Every Wednesday, Toshi, set against the breathtaking vistas of Dubai Palm Jumeirah, will take you to the streets of Bangkok.  In the center of Dubai, indulge in a gastronomic voyage of exotic Thai flavors, smells, and sensations as they honor both classic favorites and contemporary twists to satisfy even the pickiest palette.  

The Noodle House

noodle house Live cooking restaurant Dubai
noodle house instagram

The Noodle House, located in Dubai, offers real Asian food prepared in front of you for a more sophisticated dining experience. They serve many rice meals, dumplings, and noodle dishes. 

This family-run restaurant in Dubai offers tasty Asian food that is simple enough for everyone to enjoy.  In addition to satisfying customers’ demands for a true culinary experience, their mouthwatering original Asian dishes are inspired by the well-known cuisines of Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. 

Customers can also customize their meals to suit their tastes while still keeping the real Asian vibe. The Noodle House now serves hearty dishes inspired by Asian cuisine for foodies.

Mina's Kitchen

minas kitchen live cooking restaurant
Minas kitchen instagram

Mina’s Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner featuring global flavors with a hint of healthiness. There are many options, ranging from build-your-own salad bars and live pizza-making stations to raw, organic, and seasonal options.

Mina’s Kitchen promises to be your haven of wonderful flavors, where culinary harmony meets great service, leaving you feeling satisfied and contented whether you visit for dinner, lunch, breakfast, or brunch.

This is one of the best brunches in Dubai Marina. It features over 10 live cooking stations, creative mixology counters, live music, and kid’s entertainment in three of the city’s best restaurants. You should try out this live cooking restaurant in Dubai. 


One of the most important factors for travelers is the cost of eating out in Dubai. Daily dinner costs can vary from 50 to 200 AED per person depending on your chosen place. It's important to remember, too, that prices might differ greatly depending on the location and status of the dining establishment.

Depending on the cuisine, location, and dishes you order, dining at a high-end restaurant in Dubai might cost a lot of money. In a mid-range to high-end restaurant in Dubai, a two-course dinner can cost anywhere from 250 AED to 1000 AED ($68 to $272 USD).

If you're looking for basic cuisines, the average cost of Indian meals in Dubai is 250 AED. The most well-known dish in India is thali, which ranges in price from 25 to 80 USD or 100 to 300 AED. The precise quantity is determined by the type of Indian thali you choose. Indian Thali is available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.