Some of the best Pakistani restaurants with the most delicious food you’ve ever had may be found in Dubai. Whether you are a Karahi or Biryani fan, Pakistani cuisine will never disappoint you. Here is a list of highly regarded Pakistani restaurants Dubai, whether you are a guest or a resident of this glamorous city.

Why not get a bite to eat and head out with the family? Here’s our list of Pakistani-style restaurants for this week.


Ravi palace restaurant
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The Ravi restaurant in Al Satwa is the best location to go if you’re wanting Indian or Pakistani cuisine. You have no reason not to try this well-liked, modest restaurant since it has multiple locations throughout Dubai, including one in Karama, and its delicious Desi food is simply amazing.

They serve mouthwatering dal, butter chicken, chicken Peshawari, mutton Peshawari, and chicken tikka. Enjoy Pakistani International Day by going over there. Chicken jalfrezi, paneer, cheese naan, and ginger chicken are also offered.

The cuisine is tasty and reasonably priced. An ideal illustration of this combo is Ravi.

 Ravi delivers, takes out, and serves breakfast. They have vegan options, are halal, and are vegetarian-friendly.

Moreover, the outdoor environment is introduced in a cosy, well-lit seating area. There is plenty of space for the whole family in that.

Little Lahore

little lahore
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Little Lahore, the creation of Saira Ahmed, serves real, nostalgic comfort food with a hint of home cooking. One of Dubai Marina’s greatest Pakistani restaurants is called Little Lahore.  To guarantee that Little Lahore’s Pakistani hospitality was of the highest caliber, Saira educated her culinary staff and took extensive trips.

Beef nihari, Peshawari goat karahi, beef haleem, and beef paya are a few popular varieties. In addition, they serve white rice, beef biryani, and chicken biryani as rice dishes.

Staying loyal to their roots in Dubai, Little Lahore has a unique “Tiffin” service that is sure to impress any single parent or busy mom. This service delivers fresh Pakistani food to your house or place of business once a week or once a month.

They don’t just apply to breakfast. They also have the best dinner and lunch options.

Lal Qila

Lal Qila
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Lal Qila is a great choice if you’re searching for a Pakistani restaurant for a special occasion. Lal Qila is well-known for its lengthy Mughlai past. It’s among Dubai’s top Pakistani buffet restaurants. 

The mughlai, tandoori, and the fantastic live barbecue station, which serves delicious traditional Indo-Pakistani food, are among of the restaurant’s best offerings.  The salad bar and chat area are also private. Both the manager and the staff are cordial and well-mannered. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, they provide a unique evening menu in addition to certain Chinese food options. A wonderful dessert bar featuring gulab jamun, kheer, and jalebis is there.

Although the cost is a little more than at other Pakistani restaurants, the experience and food quality make up for it.


wakha restaurant
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Wakha offers a sophisticated dining experience, featuring opulent velvet seats, sparkling chandeliers, and dazzling mirrors. This is Desi cuisine fit for the elegant residents of Dubai. 

One of the greatest Pakistani restaurants in Al Barsha is Wakha. The restaurant serves some of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani cuisine. 

We heartily suggest their chops, Afghani Pulao and Shinwari Karahi, in addition to Chapli Kebabs. At the top of the list are Mutton Boti, Grilled Chicken Tikka, Mutton Ribs, and Qahwa. 

 The slogan for Wakha is “Absolute Shinwari,” which alludes to the incredibly fragrant food of North Pakistan and Afghanistan. In addition, the restaurant is well-liked by the locals for its genuine taste, serving size, and cleanliness, and is crowded on weekends.

Al Ibrahimi

Al ibrahimi
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Al Ibrahimi Restaurant can be found in AlKarama. This restaurant ranks well among Dubai’s greatest Pakistani buffet establishments. 

One of Al Ibrahimi Palace’s most distinctive features is undoubtedly its wedding hall, which makes it the only Pakistani restaurant in Dubai. 

They serve Indian, Pakistani, North Indian, and Kebab cuisine. Al Ibrahimi is also well-known for its buffet, which features traditional Pakistani cuisine. 

Aside from that, since the restaurant provides this service, Al Ibrahimi can also make plans to give you a unique birthday bundle if your birthday is approaching. They offer the town’s most well-liked iftar buffet. In addition, the buffet has fifty delectable delicacies. 

Pak Liyari

Pak liyari
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If a list of Pakistani restaurants doesn’t include biryani, what good is it? Unquestionably, Pakistani cuisine holds a particular place for biryani. One bite of Pak Lyari’s mutton biryani, nestled away in Meena Bazaar, transports you back home. 

Pak Liyari biryani is different from the others in terms of taste, quantity, caliber, and cost. With well-known periodicals, Pak Liyari enjoys an envied position as one of the top biryani restaurants in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to all of these aspects. 

They also have delicious chicken biryani if you’re not a mutton enthusiast. Families can also eat at Pak Liyari because it has a distinct dining area for them. Additionally, Pak Liyari is among the most affordable restaurants in Dubai.

Karachi Grill

Karachi grill
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In the United Arab Emirates, this well-known Pakistani eatery is legendary. a universally adored and audience favorite.

Its prime location in Jumeirah allows you to take advantage of a range of buffets at reasonable prices. This collection includes a variety of meals like chicken tikka, bun kebabs, billo rani, and murgh tikka chaat. Their best-selling meals are likewise peri peri, skewers, and molten cakes.

In addition to serving such excellent meals, they maintain a clean kitchen to guarantee the security of their patrons.

The most well-liked desserts at Karachi Grill include the cream kunafa with walnut sauce, the royal pistachio milk cake, and the zafrani rasmalai.  

All things considered, it’s a must-visit location for family dinners. Additionally, you can receive a discount if you are a Zomato Pro member.

Nayaab Handi

Nayaab Handi
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With these guys, you wouldn’t know where to start or end. It is regarded as the greatest low-cost Pakistani restaurant, offering an extensive menu of Pakistani cuisine. 

Fortunately, they offer a buffet, which you are welcome to choose because it’s better to have a little bit of everything than a lot of just one delicious item!

There is an outdoor seating area and a family hall with air conditioning at the Nayaab Haandi restaurant. There are many different BBQ meats, curries, seafood, and even Chinese food options at the buffet.  

The dessert menu at Nayaab Haandi features an incredibly delicious gajar halwa. Nayaab Haandi also offers free underground parking. The enormous barbeque grilling that rests on your table is the nicest feature of their buffet.

Currently, there are more than 1.2 million Pakistanis living in the United Arab Emirates, with more than 400,000 of them residing in Dubai alone. After Indians and native Emiratis, Pakistanis make up the third largest ethnic community in the emirate, with a combined population of about 13% in Dubai.

When in Dubai, there's really no reason to travel to Karachi—Satwa is a perfect copy of the vibrant Pakistani city, and it has everything one could ever need—clothing, food, and more.

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