Given its flavor, texture, and scent, biryani is certainly among the greatest foods ever produced. The local cuisine scene has made this fragrant and savory rice dish a mainstay, with numerous eateries competing to serve the best “Best Biryani in Dubai.”

It can be difficult to locate good biryani because so many places do not have one. If you’re in the mood for some tasty biryani, we’ve put together a list of the top Biryani Restaurants in Dubai.


First things first, Sthan is our next choice. It is situated in Al Karama, to be exact. This restaurant is kid-friendly, and it has indoor seating as well. Named after a combination of the words Hindustan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Sthan is an amalgamation.

It honors a bygone era without borders, checkpoints, or visa requirements that defined travel restrictions. It provides some of the best Biryani dishes in the emirate since it is a center for North Indian, Mughlai, and Pakistani cuisine in Dubai. Paneer biryani, parda sabzi biryani, awadh ki biryani, nalli biryani, and achari biryani are available. On the coasts of Dubai, Sthan crafts an element of a paradise.

Mr. Biryani

In the center of Dubai, stop by Mr. Biryani to experience the flavor of real Indian food. They opened in 2009 and started offering authentic South Indian food. But with time, they became well-known for providing the best biryani in the city. 

Mr. Biryani’s menu also features traditional selections like Hyderabadi and Chicken Tikka Biryani for those who yearn for the tastes of home. Here, you can have spicy, flavorful biryani according to your preferences. 

If you enjoy seafood, there are fish, prawn, and squid biryani alternatives. At Mr. Biryani, the top restaurant for biryani lovers in Dubai, savor an exquisite feast of fish biryani to suit various tastes.

Behrouz Biryani

Renowned for its impeccable dum biryani, Behrouz Biryani is a much-loved restaurant in Dubai. The Indo-Pakistan fusion food at this restaurant was highly appreciated by both Indian and Pakistani expatriates, particularly their biryanis, which hit all the right notes.

Customers can enjoy a wide range of biryani options from an extensive menu, such as Paneer Sabzi Biryani, Lazeez Bhuna Murgh Biryani, Dum Gosht Biryani, and Subzi-biryani. Three sizes of biryani are available for ordering: Shahi biryani, which serves one person; King size biryani, which serves two people; and Kilo Biryani, which serves four to five people.

Thus, please make sure you haven’t eaten anything before then and wear more loose-fitting clothes if you intend to explore this hidden gem. 

Pak Liyari Biryani

Savor a taste of Pakistan at Pak Liyari Biryani, renowned for providing some of Dubai’s greatest biryani. Head Chef Ali Mohamed, who is originally from Pakistan, started his culinary career in the small Pakistani village of Liyari before joining the Lyari Hotel in Dubai. 

This eatery is the ideal spot to sate your appetites after a long day of shopping since it offers a seductive haven from the busy streets. Every day, Pak Liyari cooks and serves between 300 and 400 plates of biryani, averaging between 100 and 150 kilos per day. Its indoor location lets you enjoy a plate of succulent mutton or chicken biryani while seeing the vibrant bazaar. 

Please try their Zafrani Kheer after you finish the biryani. It is like heaven on a plate.

Kulcha King

Renowned for its delicious kulchas, Dubai’s Karama district is ruled by Kulcha King. Don’t let it deceive you, though; their biryani dishes are as worthy of praise. The biryanis’ rich, flavorful, and fragrant qualities do not even begin to describe how delicious they are. Kulcha King undoubtedly embodies the kingly qualities of its moniker.

There are many alternatives on the menu, such as traditional tandoor and tikka dishes, delectable malai and chargrilled chicken versions, and creative dishes like lamb and mushroom biryani. You will believe that you are close to nirvana when its blend of basmati rice and lamb rogan josh spices comes together! Kulcha King’s biryani selections are sure to please any kind of foodie, from adventurous to purists. 

Jaffer Bhai’s Dubai

Prior to moving to Dubai, Jaffer Bhai’s family was originally from Mumbai, India. This restaurant has grown in reputation and popularity since it first opened in Dubai, especially among Indian expatriates.

Their biryanis have a distinct flavor and taste due to a special combination of spices seasoned with clarified butter.

This is understandable given that Jaffer Bhai’s biryanis have a unique flavor all their own, thanks to a recipe that is over 50 years old but still perfectly cooked.

When you’re wanting that delicious blend of spice and aromatic rice, Jaffer Bhai’s is the biryani restaurant in Dubai to visit, whether you’re from Mumbai or not.

Chennai Kadai

In the center of Al Karama, visit Chennai Kadai to experience the flavor of real Indian biryani. Starting at just AED 33, this laid-back dining establishment serves a delectable selection of biryanis, ranging from traditional chicken and mutton options to egg and vegetarian options.

Not only that, but Chennai Kadai has some of the best prices on biryani; single servings go for AED 17 and family packs at AED 80. Why not introduce yourself to a delectable taste of India right now with such affordable costs and the guarantee of the greatest biryani in the Silicon Oasis area?

Biryani Pot

It’s hard to resist trying their biryanis when their name is Biryani Pot.  The cuisine and service also pleasantly impressed guests.

Initially, the biryanis arrive piping hot in a clay pot made of earth. The earthy, smokey flavor of the biryani enhances the taste of the pot. The perfect amount of chile, animal protein, and aromatic basmati rice were all present in the biryanis.

They provide a selection of biryanis to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. In addition to chicken biryani, they also have butter chicken biryani. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, they also have salmon and prawn biryanis.

If you're looking for a delicious lunch for less than AED 35, there are several options available. For AED 14, you can indulge in chicken or mutton biryani, or for AED 20, you can choose fish biryani.

Jaffer Bhai's: Enjoying the flavorful Biryani while lounging in the laid-back ambiance of this Indian eatery is sure to please. Enjoy a rush of flavor and scent as you spoon in a spoonful of their signature Chicken Biryani.

The answer is India. A popular meal from the Indian subcontinent is biryani. Meat, rice, and a flavorful spice blend make it.

In Dubai, Harees is among the most well-known foods. It is frequently present on Emirati dinner tables and on the menus of some of the best restaurants in Dubai. Due of the time and skill required in its creation, it is frequently served at banquets, weddings, and special occasions.